Bazzi: The Infinite Dream Tour at House of Blues

Written by , on October 26, 2022

Bazzi showcased his spectacular stage presence and synergy with the crowd. On Tuesday, October 18th, Bazzi performed at Houston’s House of Blues. With no opener, the crowd waited patiently for his entrance. In a rush of silence, music slowly came out from the speakers getting gradually louder and louder when it suddenly cut and then after a moment Bazzi’s intro for his new album, Infinite Dream, sharing also the album’s namesake “Infinite Dream” started playing hyping the crowd up in anticipation. He began his song “Lost in the Simulation” with an impressive stage set up of flowers and a bed with an LED screen showing lyrics and images correlating with the music.  He continuously asked the crowd to join in by singing along or putting their hands up, before the song ended Bazzi exclaimed, “Not bad Houston!”

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Bazzi continued this energy with his next songs, “Miss America” and “I Like That”, after which he stated, “What’s good Houston! I’m not gonna lie I really like the vibes from you guys tonight”. He continued on to thank the crowd for coming and that he wants everybody to enjoy themselves. Before he started the next song, he asked the crowd to inhale and exhale with him, afterward, he immediately started the next song “Young & Alive”, which was one of the standout songs for me as it’s lyrics stood out as it’s a song with a reminiscent tone to remembering the younger days of childhood and adolescence.

Bazzi continued to get the crowd to sing along and hype them up as by stating how much he appreciated and loved everybody and joked around that he might move to Houston. Before performing “Will It Ever Feel The Same?”, Bazzi explained that he wrote this song while he was going through a weird stage in his life where it felt like things were over for him and this song serves as a reminder to keep going no matter what happens. “Will It Ever Feel The Same?” was another standout song, with Bazzi playing the guitar and singing with so much emotion, it makes you feel how personal the song is to him.

The next song, “Heaven”, was also another standout song for me. Before he performed the song, Bazzi taught the crowd how to sing part of the chorus. This created so much energy in the room as whenever the chorus came up he would point the microphone to the crowd and it would echo in the room.

Bazzi continued to sing songs from his albums Infinite Dream, Soul Searching and COSMIC, constantly interacting with the crowd. The crowd was constantly singing along which impressed me a lot overall. Another standout song for me was “I F.L.Y” as Bazzi performed first with isolated vocals, then sang with the band as an inflatable hand holding a heart emerged on the stage. The energy was enormous in the room as everyone was singing along.

The last song, the encore “Paradise”, ended the concert on a high note with so much positivity. Before the song ended, Bazzi exclaimed “Houston, I love you so much! I love you! Hey Houston, my name is Bazzi, I’ll see you guys next time!”. Overall Bazzi did an amazing performance as he utilized his stage presence and ability to interact with the crowd well. His vocals were stellar as he was able to hit many powerful falsettos and keep the energy up continuously. It is very impressive and shows what a strong performer he truly is.

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