Sabrina Claudio: Based On A Feeling Tour – Review

Written by , on October 7, 2022

As the anticipation for her performance grew, Sabrina Claudio’s charisma, and powerful entrancing vocals did not shy away from filling the room. On Tuesday, October 4th, Claudio performed at the House of Blues in Houston for her Based On A Feeling Tour

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Performing as Claudio‘s opener was bLAck pARty with DJ Mainstream Macy. bLAck pARty is a singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and is now currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He has incorporated where he is from into his stage name. The ‘LA’ being capitalized in ‘black’, and ‘AR’ being capitalized in ‘party’, representing Los Angeles and Arkansas respectively. bLAck pARty began his performance with Mainstream Macy hyping the crowd up with her enthusiasm, and starting with “4AM In NY (feat. Anajah)” with Anajah‘s vocals playing nicely in the background track and bLAck pARty singing in response to her.

With the pressure of making his debut in Houston, bLAck pARty didn’t shy away from showcasing his strong and full vocals as his confidence grew throughout the performance. He performed songs from his albums Mango, Endless Summer, and his most recent release Hummingbird. bLAck pARty had many standout instances during his performance. During the song “Bloom” he threw flowers to the crowd in reference to the song. In performing “Hotline” he utilized a pink vintage phone as a microphone. During the performance of “BOMB (feat. Kari Faux)Kari Faux made a surprise appearance where she sang and rapped her part. The synergy that showed between her and bLAck pARty was great.

bLAck pARty ended his performance with the song “Lay” and by the end of the song he switched back to using the pink vintage phone as a microphone. Mainstream Macy kept the hype up with the crowd as Claudio was running late, but eventually she had to leave as well. The crowd was agitated as lights and sound were being set up but no Claudio. We soon found out later on by the artist herself, that the truck with her equipment was late and she was either performing late or canceling altogether.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The long wait for Claudio, in the end, was worth it with her stellar intro through an archway with just her silhouette visible. The live band performing with her also intensified the anticipation and excitement the crowd was feeling. Her first song of the night, “Better Version“, set the tone for what to expect. Her impressive and emotive vocals as well as her charismatic personality paired exceptionally well with the live band. The singer continuously interacted with the crowd and not only did she perform with amazing vocals throughout the show, but the most captivating and alluring part of it all, was how powerful her stage presence was .

At the end of performing her third song, “Belong to You (feat. 6LACK)the artist exclaimed, “Yo Houston! I know you’re mad at me! I know, I know you’ve been waiting let me explain! Our truck that carries all of this and a little more got here an hour ago. While bLAck pARty was performing we were setting up our main [stage]. I didn’t want to cancel on y’all, y’all crazy?! So I’m sorry, I want to thank my team, and I want to thank everybody that works at House of Blues for hustling and putting it together for you guys. We’re gonna give you a great show and I hope you guys enjoy tonight!” She stuck by her statement as she gave us an amazing show performing songs from her albums Confidently Lost, About Time, No Rain, No Flowers, Truth Is, and her most recent release Based On A Feeling.

Claudio‘s most standout moments were her playful interactions with ‘The Boys’ (her live band) as she had amazing synergy with them. In many songs, she encouraged the crowd to sing along with her which hyped the crowd up. Her body language showcased her passion for her songs, and it made you feel the meaning simply by looking at her which was incredibly impressive.

Before the last song Claudio expressed her gratitude to her fans stating with, “Thank you for showing up for me tonight. I’m sorry again for being late, but you showing up for me tonight means the absolute world! I would never be doing what I do if it wasn’t for your support. So thank you so much!” The artist ended her show with a spectacular performance of “Unravel Me” with beautiful sustained falsettos and a dramatic exit through the archway leaving the crowd cheering and satisfied with such a stellar performance.

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