Artist Spotlight: Hemlocke Springs

Written by on November 17, 2022

On November 2nd, indie artist hemlocke springs (stylized as spelled) released “girlfriend” on all streaming services after going viral when she teased the catchy bridge on TikTok. Currently, the audio has about 33.7K hits on the platform, and has been used by popular TikTokers and even music artist Khalid. Since its release last week, she has about 774.3K listeners on Spotify and garnered more than 3 million listens for “girlfriend.”

Cover photo for “girlfriend” on Spotify

With fun 80’s music effects and a fake English accent that reminds me of Marina Diamandis‘s distinct voice (especially in her Marina and the Diamonds era), it’s easy to see how “girlfriend” blew up in the TikTok-sphere. It’s also a relatable subject as the 23-year-old grad student had written the song about grappling with the desire to be in a relationship while working hard in life, which she sings passionately in the fast-paced bridge:

Secretly I’m aiming for a rhythm that exceeds my expectations
Am I ever gonna get it?
Your girl is in the business so there’s little room for idle contemplation
With you, oh whoa-oh

This is not the first time her music has gained attention, however. Her first single, ethereal and dreamy “gimme all ur luv” was released earlier this year reaching almost 2 million listens on Spotify. It had also circulated on TikTok, though not to the extent as her latest single. Hemlocke also has various demos in the works, which she has shared snippets of on her TikTok page. She is currently working on a music video for “girlfriend” as well.

Cover photo for “gimme all ur luv” on Spotify

Though she only has two songs out so far, hemlocke springs is an exciting new artist in the indie and pop scene to watch out for! I have been streaming “girlfriend” on repeat since its release and I am looking forward to her future projects.

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