Local Bands Perform at Bohemeo’s

Written by , on November 23, 2022

A music-filled Saturday night began at Bohemeo’s with a showcase of a wide range of local bands with a variety of genres and unique elements, musical and performance-wise. The energy within the venue is one I would uniquely associate with local bands as there is a more intimate setting with the bands performing compared to other venues. It also allows for more unique instances of bands figuring out their sound and where they want to go in their genre.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The opening act of the night was Acid Discharge who had great interactions with the crowd, with their lead singer, Laura, joking with the crowd and giving brief descriptions of some of the songs they performed. Musically, I appreciated the countermelodies played on the guitar, as well as how well the bass blended with the tonality of the songs. Standout songs by Acid Discharge were “Caroline”, “Ohio” and “Jam”. I felt like with these songs they were reaching their own distinct sound as a band. Be sure to check them out on Instagram @aciddischargeband!

The next performance was Subpenguin, who while on a limited time frame for their performance, still put on an amazing show! I appreciated the balance and intricacy of their instrumentals and the unique vocals of the lead singer. I could tell there was a great effort to get the specific type of vocal tonality which I thought fit well with the main sound of the band. Some standout songs by Subpenguin were their cover of My Chemical Romance’s song “Our Lady of Sorrows”, as well as their songs “So It Seems” and “Friends Before the Noose”. Be sure to check out this alt-rock trio on Instagram @sub.penguin!

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The next band, Vivaldi’s Green Jacket, performed with a hypnotic musical element contained within their performance. I really enjoyed the use of the pedal to create an interesting sound to the guitar and to the overall sound, it was a pleasant stylistic choice. Lead vocalist, Lou, had beautiful vocals that complemented the hypnotic and dreamy feel of the songs. Standout songs by Vivaldi’s Green Jacket were “Juvenoia”, “Screaming Rain” and “Oliver”. These songs gave me an overall concise idea of the band’s sound. Be sure to check them out on Instagram @vivaldisgreenjacket!

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The final act of the night was Mother Ghost who put on a fantastic finale to the show! With the most intriguing vocal and instrumental I’ve heard as of yet, it was an astoundingly energetic performance. Oscar and Thomas create an amazing duo with Oscar’s emotive vocals and Thomas’ ability to provide an amazing instrumental on top of the production. Mother Ghost’s standout songs were “Disco Em”, “Triton” and “House”. I greatly enjoyed the band’s overall sound and hope to see more from them! Be sure to check out this post-punk duo on Instagram @motherghostmusic!

I really enjoyed the performance of all these amazing local bands be sure to check them out as they have more upcoming shows! I look forward to seeing them grow as artists and discover and create new avenues in their genre.

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