Toner and Surf Curse Bring the Heat to Warehouse Live

Written by on November 14, 2022

Both upbeat alternative/punk bands, Surf Curse and Toner, rocked out at Warehouse Live. The whole show was up-tempo and the crowd had a blast jumping up and down to the songs. People were drenched in sweat by the end of the night from being inside the mosh pit. Overall, the show was a success. The audience went wild and no one got hurt!

Toner started off the show, playing songs such as “Dark Ecstacy,” “Under the Gun,” “’95 Slow” and “Bleeder.” Toner is a punk rock band from Oakland, California. They produce a heavy sound with very fuzzy guitar noise. They definitely know how to throw down a solid set. During their performance, the crowd was digging their vibe and were banging their heads to the upbeat rhythm.

Toner isn’t as well-known as Surf Curse, but they are still great performers on stage. You could tell the audience was unfamiliar with the band, but there were a few, including myself, who knew a couple of their songs. They were the perfect opener for a good night of music. They have a similar rock sound and helped set the scene for Surf Curse.

The members of Toner put on a killer set. They filled the venue with their hardcore punk sound and drained out any inner thoughts. No one was really on their phone during their set, everyone was just enjoying the music in the moment. This just added to the experience.

It was nice for once not to have to watch the concert through someone else’s phone. Sometimes being surrounded by phones during the show can take away from the whole experience of being there. It’s very distracting, to say the least. So their set was very enjoyable to watch and experience. As you can see in the photo below, the crowd is taking in the music rather than recording it.

Surf Curse demolished their set, and I’m not just being biased just because I’m a fan. I had to push my way into the mosh pit because their songs go so hard. When Nick Rattigan, stepped to play drums, I could hear my heart racing. The anticipation for the show was leading to that point. He is such a great performer! It’s honestly his natural habitat, Rattigan belongs on the drums. When he starts to play, the crowd goes crazy.

The audience went bonkers when Surf Curse came on stage. Their whole set was upbeat and exciting. When Rattigan hits his drums stick together to count off the song, the crowd knows to get ready. There wasn’t one dull moment. All their songs were fast-paced during their whole performance, making the crowd build more and more tension throughout the show.

All the true fans, went ballistic when “Goth Babe,” started to play. People were pushing and shoving each other. It was awesome. Then when “Freaks,” with that iconic main lead guitar part, played the audience lost their minds. No one was holding back, neither the band nor the audience members.

The crowd went absolutely wild during their encore when they played their most popular song, “Disco.” He introduced the song like this: “This is Disco,” and then jumped off the platform and said, “let’s fucking go!” That last song of their set was insane and the highlight of the night. The crowd was jumping up and down to the rhythm while singing the lyrics.

By the end of the show, my makeup was running and my clothes were drenched in sweat from the mosh pit. It was definitely a night to remember. And to top it off, the Houston Astros won the World Series that night! The energy was off the chain. Toner and Surf Curse put on a kickin’ show!

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