Chappell Roan Celebrates Birthday with a Euphoric Performance at Bronze Peacock in Houston

Written by on February 21, 2023

Sparkly Glitter, Feathered jackets, Drag Queens and Birthdays: everyone came out to Chappell Roan’s sold-out Houston show at the House of Blues’ Bronze Peacock. According to Roan, the last time she visited Texas was about five years ago.

Colorful singer Chappell Roan is from a small town in Missouri and is currently making waves in the pop music world with hit tracks like “Pink Pony Club” and “Naked in Manhattan.” She’s toured with artists such as Declan McKenna and Ben Platt, and now she’s on a huge headlining tour called the Naked in North America tour.

Houston’s House of Blues was extremely busy on the night of February 19th, as they scored two sold-out shows. While Ari Lennox took over the main stage (Coog Radio coverage coming soon), Roan rocked the Bronze Peacock room. The venue was playing a variety of 2010s pop tunes such as the Killers’ “Somebody Told Me” and Katy Perry’s “California Girls.” Surprising the audience, the openers wasn’t your typical musical number – it was an impromptu drag show featuring three of Houston’s premiere drag queens. First up was the ecstatic Lila Dubois, who danced all around the venue and even did the splits on the bar.

“Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!” Dubois encouraged the audience to call for the second drag queen of the night, Kitty Kontour. She walked out wearing a stunning robe and enticing the audience to the tune of Kali Uchis’ “Telepatia.” She unveiled a beautiful white set, and also danced around with the crowd. She stated the set “wore her out,” but she continued to introduce the final performer Hannah Santanna. She lip-synched nothing but Taylor Swift songs (“Anti-hero” and “Look What You Made Me Do“), which truly got the audience ready for the night. Santanna also asked the audience to sing Roan “Happy Birthday” before her set.

Chappell Roan walked on stage and the crowd went crazy – she opened her headlining set with high energy tracks “Naked in Manhattan,” “Love Me Anyway” and “Femininomenon.” She debuted multiple songs throughout the night, which are set for release later this year. She also played an older song from her discography called “Bitter,” followed by a flawless cover of “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrisette.

Towards the end of the show, the pop singer grabbed a fan’s glittery cowboy hat and sang her brand new song “Casual,” followed by an encore consisting of songs “California” and “Pink Pony Club.” Chappell Roan brought so much excitement to the stage with her vibrant personality and exhilarating emotion to every note. Her unreleased songs showcase her songwriting ability – each song sounded sonically different and powerful, which highly resonated with her fans. It’s no wonder she is a pop artist on the rise, as Roan has so much musical potential and is obvious that she is being her true self and is having fun while doing so. If you ever want to catch a dynamic show full of joy, sass and dance, we highly recommend checking out a Chappell Roan show.

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