Glorilla and Friends Turn Up at Warehouse Live!

Written by on February 6, 2023

After a breakthrough year and a Grammy nomination, the Memphis rapper Glorilla decided to hit the road with the Anyways, Life’s Great Tour. To tag along, she brought her friends: Aleza, Slimeroni, K Carbon, and Gloss Up. These performers created such an electric party environment that you had to be there to understand!

As soon as you entered the venue, you could hear people having a good time. Fans of all shapes and sizes were dancing and laughing while the DJ got the crowd ready for the Memphis rapper. As soon as 8 PM hit, K Carbon made her way up the stage, performing a couple of songs while dancing. The crowd loved her energy and would often hype her up. Slimeroni was the next on stage but her set was the shortest of the bunch. She performed two songs and then wrapped it up. Though it was a short set she made sure to bring liveliness to the show.

 After Slimeroni, it was Aleza’s turn to show off her skills. Unfortunately, as excited as the crowd and Aleza were to perform, she was experiencing technical difficulties with her track not syncing up right. The crowd kept cheering her on though, and after multiple tries, they finally got it right and she powered through it like a true champ. The last opener before the main event was Gloss Up. Gloss recently dropped the album Before The Gloss Up, and already so many fans were following along with her performance. At the very end of her set, all the girls came out to perform their viral posse cut “Shabooyah” and the audience went absolutely wild! The girls created great energy for Glorilla to come out and kill her set.

After a half-hour intermission, the star of the night was ready to perform. The lights went down and the stage lit up for Glorilla. She came out with a khaki 2 piece outfit and her pants had “Big Glo” bedazzled down her leg. Her outfit and makeup made her shine throughout the night. The Memphis rapper played songs like “Unh Unh” and “Out Loud Thinking” from her EP Anyways, Life’s Great. Not only did she perform her songs, she also performed choreography with her dancers. To end the night with a high, Glorilla played her viral hits “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” and “Tomorrow 2”. Glorilla and her friends are continuing on their tour all across the states, so cop those tickets while you can!

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