Incubus at 713 Music Hall: Concert Review

Written by , on February 8, 2023

The energy in the crowd was all-encompassing with Incubus’s stellar musicality and crowd interactions. On Friday, February 3rd, Incubus performed at 713 Music Hall to a sold-out crowd waiting in anticipation.

Incubus's lead singer Brandon Boyd singing to the crowd
Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Incubus’s entrance began with a unique instrumental and vocal building excitement in the room. They started their performance with their first song, “Nice to Know You.” Their energy spread throughout the venue. Incubus’s lead singer Brandon Boyd demonstrated his vocal prowess, resonating powerfully in the concert hall.

The energy continued with the next song, “Circles,” to which the whole crowd sang along. This song in particular had more intense instrumentals which had many of the concertgoers bopping their heads to the beat. They continued to perform songs from their albums Morning View, Light Grenades, A Crow Left Of The Murder…, Make Yourself, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and EP Trust Fall (Side B)

Boyd introduced the rest of his bandmates after performing “Just a Phase.” The band consists of Mike Einziger on guitar, José Pasillas on drums, Chris Kilmore on turntables, and their newest touring member Tal Wilkenfeld on bass.

Throughout the night, Incubus expressed love for the Houston crowd. Boyd demonstrated this by making small loving comments to the crowd after songs. “Thank you for this, thank you,” he said. Einziger threw his guitar picks into the crowd, while Pasillas threw drumsticks to show their love and appreciation to their fans.

The standout songs from the performance which encapsulated Incubus’s musicality and great lyrical ability were “Anna Molly,” “Megalomaniac” and “Karma, Come Back.” The energy of the crowd was exceptionally high during these songs.

The last song, “Dig,” was perfect for the near end of the show. Its lyrics provided a wonderful message of having the support of others to become a better version of yourself. Here are some of the lyrics which made it such an emotional performance:

“If I turn into another

Dig me up from under what is covering 

The better part of me

Sing this song

Remind me that we’ll always have each other

When everything else is gone”

“Dig” by Incubus

After the performance of “Dig,” the crowd believed it was the final song as Incubus left the stage. After a couple of minutes of cheering Incubus’s name for an encore, they came back on stage. They performed “Warning” and “Drive,” much to the crowd’s excitement. While “Dig” would have worked as an ending to Incubus’s performance, “Drive,” as the last song, provided a hopeful message to be ready for what life brings.

Overall it was a phenomenal experience seeing how lively and enthusiastic the crowd was and Incubus’s stellar stage presence. Incubus passionately demonstrated their musical prowess and deep connection to their fans.

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