Joey Valence & Brae “Welcome to the Club” Tour Review

Written by , on March 29, 2023

Joey Valence & Brae performed for the first time in Houston on Tuesday, March 21, at the Bronze Peacock at House of Blues. The venue was filled with passionate and playful energy that night.

Waiting in anticipation for the hip-hop duo, the crowd was entertained by one of the band’s touring members, Ewook, who performed as DJ playing classic hip-hop tracks consisting of artists like Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Ferg, N.W.A, and many more. Ewook did a phenomenal job getting the crowd hyped up. Joey, funnily enough, requested a certain song to be played for the crowd for Ewook to perform solo.

“So I was allowed to do this opening spin on one condition. Joey told me, he was like, ‘Yo, you need to play this one song, I don’t care this need to be played!’ so if you’re down to get down let Party Rockin’!”

Ewook, DJ for Joey Valence & Brae

The song Joey chose was “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, which Ewook showed off his dance moves on the stage. Since Joey requested a song, Brae requested one as well. His choice was “The Spins” by Mac Miller. Ewook’s performance continued by getting the crowd engaged and excited. He ended by getting the crowd to chant “JVB” in preparation for Joey Valence & Brae taking the stage.

Photo courtesy of Leydi Gonzalez for Coog Radio

The beginning instrumentals of “Ready Set” began to play as Joey Valence & Brae took the stage and immediately started their performance. The energy was incredibly high with Joey and Brae’s vibrant and fun rap flows.

“What’s up, Houston! H-Town! What’s good, thank you wow. Thanks for coming out! It’s a Tuesday night, I have school tomorrow. What are y’all doing out on a school night, come on now?”

Joey Valence & Brae
Photo courtesy of Leydi Gonzalez for Coog Radio

The next song was “Underground Sound,” with a compelling flute sample playing throughout. Joey and Brae showed off their impeccable ability to be an active presence on stage and were quite entertaining to watch. Their wordplay was also impressive to see live in action as there is embedded emotion within their vocals to the song.

“With a beastie flow when I

rock the microphone

I’m a hit you with the boom

bap, make the room slap

Let me take you way, way


Kids all calling me whack

But I’m bringing back a sound

that you can’t so take that”

“Underground Sound” by Joey Valence & Brae

Their lyrics encapsulated their musical purpose wholeheartedly as they are bringing back sounds from the ’90s and similar styles of rap, but still creating them into their own innovative sound. After the end of the song, Joey commented on liking the high energy of the crowd and being confused about Texas weather, as they had expected the weather to be sweltering. When they arrived, it was cloudy and cold, and they asked the crowd to explain the weather. The crowd remarked with statements such as, “Welcome to Texas!” and “We have no idea what is going on!” Joey continued their conversation with the crowd stating:

“We are so glad to be back on tour. We took some time off ’cause we are working on our album, and I hurt my leg the last tour we went on, and as you can see, look at it move! What I probably should have done is watch my step!”

Joey Valence

Joey and Brae’s ongoing theme of the night was to have some reference to their next song at the end of their talk with the crowd between songs. In this instance, “watch my step” indicated the next song, “Watch Yo Step.” The energy remained high throughout the night, and in between songs, they also explained their background.

“We are so happy to be here! We are two little boys from Pennsylvania somehow ended up here in Tejas, feeling good. I was thinking about getting a little cowboy hat and some boots to come out with, doing every song country style.”

Joey Valence

Their energetic and humorous personalities really showed through their various interactions with the crowd. One of the standout songs was “Startafight,” which was one of the most energetic performances of the night with amazing crowd interaction and raw emotion mixed in.

Another standout song was “Gumdrop,” which is an unreleased song from the album they are currently working on. It contains a more intricate level of switches in instrumentals and samples and is a nice glimpse into their future release.

“Y’all wanna hear one more song right now? Alright I want every single person in this room to get down on their feet. Down on their feet, down, I know you are already on your feet, you know what I meant. Down to your knees.”

“Alright this song is kinda the reason we are here right now. This one is called, “Punk Tactics“!”

Joey Valence & Brae
Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Joey Valence & Brae ended the night with the performance of their widely successful single “Punk Tactics,” which went viral due to their excellent prowess on TikTok. It got the crowd jumping, moving, and yelling the lyrics. By the end of the song, they expressed their love for the crowd and their appreciation for the support. It was a great ending to a phenomenal performance overall.

Fans were able to meet Joey Valence & Brae, and so I managed to meet them and get a video from them for the readers of this article. Enjoy this surprise! ( Also, p.s Happy Birthday Brae!)

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