Jon Pardi Brings the Traditional Country Tunes to RODEOHOUSTON 2023

Written by on March 13, 2023

Returning to the RODEOHOUSTON Star Stage for the second time, Jon Pardi played an outstanding show on Wednesday to a crowd of over 60,000 guests.

“Y’all showed up! On a Wednesday Night!” Country singer Jon Pardi exclaimed to the audience. This was the first concert of the year according to Pardi; who put on one hell of a country show. Most recently, the singer released his fourth album called Mr. Saturday Night; which steers more into the realms of traditional country.

The Rodeo portion of the show came to an end, and Pardi immediately opened the set with all of the hits, including “Heartache Medication,” “Heartache on the Dancefloor” and “Night Shift.” His backing band was phenomenal – Pardi took pride in celebrating the fact that his guitarist was born and raised in Houston (he was even wearing an Altuve jersey to commemorate the moment) during the song “Beer Can’t Fix.” With a cool improvised line-dance and coordinating moves around the stage, the band truly shined bright and got the crowd excited.

During the show, Pardi let the fans know that he dressed up for Houston, because he truly didn’t know what to expect. Some standout moments from the show included his performance of “Tequila Little Time” and “Dirt on My Boots,” where he engaged in crowd interactions by stepping at the edge of the star’s point.

Overall, Jon Pardi definitely brought true country sounds to the city of Houston, being a worthy addition to the RODEOHOUSTON lineup. He ended the night by riding away on a horse, a symbolic way to represent his country roots. With lots of catchy singles under his belt, we hope Pardi makes a returns to the RODEOHOUSTON stage, or maybe even play a headlining show in our city some time soon.

  • Keylee Paz

    I am a UH Graduate Student majoring in Mass Communications, a UT Austin alum and an aspiring music journalist! My hobbies include photography, traveling for shows/festivals and taking strolls with my husky baby Luna Zoe.

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