South by Southwest 2023: Day Five Music Recap

Written by , on March 17, 2023

South by Southwest was in full swing with another full day of music, despite the weather warnings. Here is our recap:

Flood Fest

Flood Fest, held in Mohawk, was a super popular event. It didn’t matter who was playing, the crowds were packed super tight and going out the door. Inside, you could find various indie rock bands while the outdoor stage had a range of different artists from alternative singer, Indigo de Souza to R&B singer, Baby Rose. The British rock band, Sports Team had an incredible set. A huge mosh pit opened up right in the middle of the crowd towards the end. Blondshell took the stage after and gave a strong emotional performance. The last band to play indoors was Sunflower Bean. Their set was hard-hitting and did not disappoint.

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez

Doc Martens Day Party – Music Showcase

The Doc Martens showcase is slowly becoming a hit staple at the South by Southwest Music Festival. Last year, it was held at the now-closed Container Bar, but they found a perfect venue alternative – Clive Bar on Rainey. They featured up and coming acts such as Lime Garden, Divino Niño and HARU NEMURI. Ending off the day party were hot rap acts Armani White and Danny Brown. The audience had an amazing time as all of the acts were super interactive – lead singer Camilo Medina of Divino Niño sang on the barricade, HARU NEMURI crowd surfed and Armani White traded clothing items with a fan in the front row. Fun fact: Ishgenius, a popular rapper from the Houston area, was moshing in the crowd. 

Rolling Stone’s Future of Music – Day Three

The Rolling Stone Future of Music showcased some really great artists at ACL Live. Sudan Archives impressed the crowd with her high energy and violin. R&B singer, Mariah the Scientist had a soulful performance. Voices from the crowd were heard when she sang, “Spread Thin,” a song that gained huge popularity through TikTok. The last artist of the night was Remi Wolf, and she brought everything to the stage. There was dancing all throughout the set, she was interacting with the crowd, and provided some very strong vocals, especially on her song, “Liz.” 

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez

Cosmica Artists

Held in Cooper’s BBQ, Cosmica Artists showcased five Latinx artists including Mexico City Heartbreak and Irene Diaz. Concluding the event was Danny Bonilla, one of the members from the band Luna Luna. The singer gave a lively performance for an intimate crowd. He sang his original songs like, “Dance With Me” and covered a bachata song to get the crowd dancing.

Danny Bonilla by Amarylis Rodriguez

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