South By Southwest 2023: Day Seven Music Recap

Written by on March 19, 2023

International Day Stage

Held right across from the Austin Convention Center, the International Day Stage showcased six artists from all over the world. All the way from Japan was CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE, a hyper-pop sensation that had the audience jumping the entire time. The Scratch was next, a charismatic band out of Dublin that makes rock-metal music with an Irish twist. Lastly was Alien Tango, an alternative artist from London. His music had hints of pop, psychedelic and rock all rolled up into one. Even after getting very badly cut from his guitar string, the singer continued to provide the International Day Stage with one last great performance.

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez

Esther’s Follies

The sound coming from Esther’s Follies caught the attention of many with performances starting at 7 o’clock going all the way to two o’clock in the morning. Playing at the venue were groups such as Pelvis Wrestley, TC Superstar, Personal Trainer and Augustine. There is no doubt that the crowd stayed entertained and loved every band, as they all had something different to bring to the atmosphere. TC Superstar had people going crazy for them as their upbeat tunes were accompanied by stunning dancing. Personal Trainer had an absolute wild performance that the audience couldn’t take their eyes off of. Augustine’s stage presence and voice just brought a certain happiness to everyone, you could even see observers from outside the venue watching the set with a smile.

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez

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