Meet Me @ The Altar: Past // Present // Future Tour Review

Written by , on April 3, 2023

Meet Me @ The Altar performed for their first tour, “Past // Present // Future” named after their debut album at the Bronze Peacock at House of Blues Tuesday, March 28th. The crowd was filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for their performance.

Daisy Grenade

Daisy Grenade entered the stage as Meet Me @ The Altar’s first opener. They started with a passionate performance of “Riot” from their EP Cult Classic Extended Version, one of their CD-exclusive songs. The Brooklyn-based band consists of musicians Dani Nigro and Keaton Whittaker. The duo made sure to keep the crowd engaged throughout their performance. 

Dani and Keaton were incredibly energetic and playful. They entertained the crowd between songs by telling stories about themselves and the creation of their songs. Their overall sound contained a mix of garage, 90s alt, grunge and pop, which work well with Dani and Keaton’s vocals. 

Standout songs from Daisy Grenade were “Got It Bad” and “Are You Scared Of Me Yet.” They ended by thanking the crowd for their support and performing the song “Sick in the City.” 

Young Culture

Young Culture was the second opener for Meet Me @ The Altar. They are a three member alternative rock band from Albany, New York. They started their performance with “Not in Love” from their newest album, You Had to Be Here. They were met with excitement from the crowd because of their energy and passion for their music.

They expressed that it was their first time in Houston and thanked their fans and new listeners. The bond between the bandmates Alex Magnan (lead vocalist), Gabe Pietrafesa (guitar), and Troy Burchett (guitar) was great to see live. 

Their standout songs were “Fantasy,” “Holiday in Vegas,” and “Serendipity.” At the end of their performance, they thanked the crowd for their support and performed “Kinda Over It.” 

Meet Me @ The Altar

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The headliner Meet Me @ The Altar began with “Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX playing through the speakers. Then they made their dramatic opening, announcing the screaming and moshing to come. The group took the stage by storm, performing “Say It (To My Face),” the lead single in their recently released album Past // Present // Future

They continued with their incredible energy, giving an electric performance of “Beyond My Control.” After performing, Edith asked the crowd how they felt and talked about their tour.

Guess what? This is our first time having a show here ever. It’s our first time headlining a tour. Very, very exciting but very, very scary. Thank you for coming and supporting us!

Edith Victoria of Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar is an all-girl rock band with Edith Victoria (lead vocalist), Téa Campbell (guitar/bass), and Ada Juarez (drummer). The bandmates had amazing chemistry with their entertaining banter in-between songs and playful interactions on stage. Edith’s vocal ability on stage was impressive as she hit notes in sky high ranges.

During the performance of “Hit Like A Girl,” Edith asked the crowd to make a mosh pit with girls in the center.

Alright! Open the pit in the middle. Open it up! Ladies, get the f*** in the midst! This one’s for you!

Edith Victoria of Meet Me @ The Altar

The moshing lasted through the rest of the song, with those in the center having fun as people in the outside cheered them on. It was amazing to see the whole crowd enjoying themselves. After the performance, Edith discussed the creation of their debut album, Past // Present // Future

With this album, I wanted to be very honest, and I wanna show people me at my most vulnerable, and I want to write a song about it. And so I told Téa and Ada that a long time ago, and they were like, “Okay yeah, we’ll write it with you!” and then we wrote “T.M.I.”

Edith Victoria of Meet Me @ The Altar

After the performance of “T.M.I,” the band discussed which artists inspire them. This prompted the discussion of who their favorite vocalist is. Edith revealed that her favorite vocalist is Alanis Morissette, who sings her favorite song, “You Oughta Know.” Ada said her favorite song is “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, and Téa revealed her favorite song is “Take Me Away” by Christina Vidal. With each reveal, they performed their own version of their favorite songs. 

They continued their performance by playing songs from their new album Past // Present // Future, EP Model Citizen, and singles “Garden” and “May the Odds Be in Your Favor.” The energy in the venue was high through the entire night. 

The standout songs of their performance were “Rocket Science,” “Try,” and “Kool.” Before ending the show with their performance of “Garden,” Edith thanked the crowd for supporting them through their first tour and celebrated their opening acts.

Thank you so much because this is really insane for us. Because it was just a couple of years ago when no one really gave a f***, and now you are here, and it really means a lot.

Edith Victoria of Meet Me @ The Altar
Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio


It was a phenomenal night, with each act having its own unique charm that captivated the audience. It is amazing to witness an artist’s first time headlining and see so much growth from them in a short period of time. The opening acts performed spectacularly, and I look forward to their continued growth. Be sure to check them out with the setlist links and song links within the article. Look forward to more articles from me!

Here are the setlist playlists for each band:

Courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio
Courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio
Courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio
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