Ryan Beatty Returns with New Single “Ribbons,” Teasing New Album

Written by on April 6, 2023

Ryan Beatty returns to the music world with his new single “Ribbons,” a song that looks inside the insecurities and depression he dealt with throughout his career. It dives into his feelings about fame and his obsession with what the media taught him. Being a pop star since his early teens impacted his mind. An outside perspective can’t fully fathom his struggles. The single is part of Beatty’s third upcoming album, Calico. It will be released on April 28, 2023.

Since the release of his second album, Dreaming of David, Beatty hasn’t dropped music in the past three years. He only collaborated with Kevin Abstract in 2021 in the song “Sierra Nights.” Dreaming of David was a hit with the two songs “Patchwork” and “Dark Circles.” His interview with Zane Lowe brings light to the album and its careful construction. It leaves us with excitement about his future creations.

Beatty is a private person. He lacked a social media presence until recently when he deleted all his posts on Instagram, only to announce a new album. Upon releasing his new single, Beatty released the lyrics in a poem form, shown below. Many celebrated the announcement, and artists spread the word that a new album is arriving from Beatty.

Since the release of the single, Spotify had its Lorem playlist cover be Ryan Beatty. It was the playlist’s main cover for about a week and a half, but it was changed to be a photo of the band Boygenius. However, Beatty’s songs were still featured in other Spotify playlists like Ultimate Indie, My Life is a Movie, Morning Commute, Fresh Folk, and Borderless.

We are looking forward to what else Ryan Beatty will release with his new album Calico coming out on April 28, 2023. So far, we only have the new single “Ribbons” to go off of possible genres for the rest of the album. The past albums have had great reviews and a smooth discography, so we hope to see the same for this third studio album.

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