Rico Nasty Rages Out in Houston

Written by on May 8, 2023

Maryland’s hottest alternative rapper, Rico Nasty, came out to a sold-out crowd at the Bronze Peacock, with the support of rising Atlanta artist Omeretta the Great.

Supporting her 2022 album “Las Ruinas”, Rico Nasty is headlining Monster Energy’s Outbreak Tour. The city packed out the venue from all angles, some fans being there two hours before doors opened. Rico Nasty put on a show full of laughter, screaming, and raging.

To help warm up the crowd Omeretta the Great stepped on stage. Omeretta said this was her first time touring, but she rocked the night like a vet. Her crowd control and bouncy spirit ensured that eyes were always glued to the rapper. The artist performed songs like “My Way”, “Mr. Right”, and her viral hit “Sorry Not Sorry”. Omeretta was the talent needed to start off right.

Now it was time for the rockstar of the night, Rico Nasty. She came out with hot pink parachute pants, a black and white striped crop top, a black furry hat, and a whole bunch of alt-kawaii-like accessories to complete her look. She started off her set with “OH FR?” and “Trust Issues”. The energy of the crowd was something to be in awe of, rapping word for word with her. To our surprise, the rapper brought out Houston native Teezo Touchdown to perform their song “Messy”;  he was dressed in a red football player outfit, a flower microphone, and his signature nails-in-hair look. Rico was very interactive during the show by doing a mini stand-up routine, accepting a Shadow the Hedgehog backpack gift, receiving a new wig, and signing everything from vinyl to hands for fans.

During her set, Rico Nasty took a second to thank her fans for their continuous support over the years. The rapper also touched on how special she feels for giving the black community a space to be themselves, to this the crowd cheered loudly. After a quick makeup touch-up, Rico ended the night with some of her biggest hits like  “Smack A B*itch”, “Tia Tamera”, and “Rage”. Rico Nasty and Omeretta the Great are continuing to rock the stage across the states, this is a show you cannot miss!

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