Ava Max: On Tour (Finally) Tour Review

Written by , on June 21, 2023

Ava Max performed for her tour, “On Tour (Finally),” at House of Blues Houston on Thursday, June 15th. A sold-out crowd awaited her highly anticipated performance.

The night began with Band of Silver, which we have previously seen perform as an opener for Echosmith. They are siblings from Nashville consisting of Avery (Lead Vocalist), Alex (Vocalist/Guitarist), and Evan (Drummer). It was amazing to see them again! They performed songs from EP Machine, their album False Paradise, and their most recent EP Shopping for Problems.  

Throughout their performance, they continuously thanked the crowd and explained to the crowd some of the meaning behind their songs. Before “Machine” was performed, lead singer Avery told the crowd about her experiences dealing with chronic illness and how it made her feel out of control of her own body, and the song is based on that experience.

It’s [the song] about chronic illness, which is something that both me and Alex have had to deal with. And so I wrote this song around the time I got diagnosed, and a lot of new fears were coming up. Things like losing control over my life and losing control even over my own body and my freedom and stuff like that.

Avery of Band of Silver
Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The standout songs in their performance are “Living in the Future” and “Artificial Intelligence.” It was nice to see them perform again. Their newest discography has a cohesive sound and essence that fits them well. They ended their performance with “Real Connection” and thanked the crowd for their support.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The night continued with The Scarlet Opera‘s performance, which made an incredible, jaw-dropping intro of their song “Riot,” filling the venue with energy. The rock band originates from Los Angeles, California, and consists of Luka (Lead Vocalist), Colin (Pianist), Daniel (Bassist), Justin (Drummer), and Chance (Guitarist). They performed songs from their EP Comedy, a cover, and an unreleased song, “That Kind Of Woman.”

The Scarlet Opera had a fantastic stage presence and interacted phenomenally with the crowd. Luka stunned the crowd with his impressive vocal performance throughout the night, with many comments comparing him to the late Freddy Mercury due to his vocals and charisma.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

A standout moment was their performance of “What’s Love Got to Do with It” by Tina Turner, with the crowd singing along. It was a special commemoration of her, especially with her recent passing in May.

This next song is a cover of one of my, our musical heroes, Miss Tina Turner. If you know the words, please, please, please, please sing along.

Luka of The Scarlet Opera
Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Standout songs of The Scarlet Opera are “The Place To Be,” “Alive,” and the cover for Tina Turner’s song “What’s Love Got to Do with It.” It was amazing to see the band synergy live and how well their personalities showed in their performance. Their EP Comedy portrays the opera’s drama well and is such a fresh sound to hear. The night continued with the crowd in anticipation of the arrival of Ava Max on stage.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Ava Max arrived with a stunning intro, with her stage consisting of a giant diamond at the center and dancers entering with the instrumental “Diamonds & Dancefloors” playing through the speakers. She joined the stage, saying, “Hello, Houston!” and performed “Diamonds & Dancefloors” with an amazing dance and vocal performance.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Before the performance of “Hold Up (Wait A Minute),” Ava expressed her immense gratitude to her fans for helping her achieve success in her musical career, as without their support, she wouldn’t be there.   

Welcome to the tour, everybody! We’re together finally! Oh my god, so not touring for me is never gonna stop because once I start something, it’s done. I’m doing it for the rest of my life. Alright, for this next song, we are starting the Diamonds & Dancefloors.

It’s a really long intro, so I just want to tell you that I love you guys, and I wanted to say thank you so much for supporting me for the last four and a half years, or however many years it has been since I’ve started. Thank you so much! I wouldn’t be here without you, so I appreciate it.

Ava Max

The crowd was extremely hyped throughout the performance, with many singing along to the lyrics of each song. Ava performed various songs from her vast musical catalog, consisting of her albums Heaven & Hell, her most recent album Diamonds & Dancefloors, and her singles “Not Your Barbie Girl” and “The Motto.” 

During “Maybe You’re The Problem,” Ava stopped the song to choose a fan from the crowd to come up on stage. The lucky fan, Spencer, had an amazing time interacting with Ava and her dancers on stage. Seeing the energy on stage and how happy Spencer was was so nice.

Standout songs of the night are “Maybe You’re The Problem,” “Kings & Queens,” and “Million Dollar Baby.” She ended the night with an encore performance of “Sweet but Psycho” and “The Motto.” Ava thanked the crowd, her dancers, and the band and received a vast round of applause from the crowd.

Overall, it was a fantastic night. Every artist that performed did terrifically. Ava Max especially showed her spectacular capability as a phenomenal performer with her vocal capability and enthralling energy on stage! 

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