“Cozy Girl Autumn” Playlist

Written by on September 14, 2023

As the days of one hundred degree weather slowly turn into days of ninety degree weather, fall seems far away. However, cozy music always brings us into the spirit of the season no matter what the weather is like. Here is a list of a few “cozy girl autumn” songs to listen to as you watch Gilmore Girls and sip on a pumpkin spice latte.

1. “Willow” by Taylor Swift

Evermore and Folklore are essential albums in any autumn playlist. “Willow” gives the essence of prancing through a forest in a long cape, which is how Taylor Swift portrays it when she performs it in the Eras Tour. 

2. “mirrorball” by Taylor Swift

Not adding more Taylor Swift songs to this playlist was very difficult. However, these albums, along with Red, give off the perfect autumn vibe. While “mirrorball” isn’t necessarily the happiest song, it gives off an ethereal mood. The imagery in this song makes the listener feel like they’re at a party in their nicest dress on a cold night.

3. “Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles

A lot of these songs could be considered sad songs, but sometimes, that’s the vibe of the season. Calmer, melodic songs are perfect to listen to when the weather outside is sunny with a crisp chill in the air. “Two Ghosts” is one of the slower songs from Styles’ debut album. It also gives off that autumn night vibe.

4. “Full Moon” by the Black Ghosts

Personally, Twilight is a series that I watch every time the weather begins to get chilly. These next two songs are from the first movie’s soundtrack, as that soundtrack has so many hits. This song plays as Bella is leaving Phoenix and is moving to Forks for the first time, and it sets the scene perfectly. Twilight is one of the coziest pieces of media for me to watch while bundled up in blankets. Its soundtrack gives me that same rainy, chilly feeling.

5. “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation

Again, this song is on the Twilight soundtrack. It plays as Bella is noticing Edward’s absence after they first meet. The guitar in “Eyes on Fire” has such a cool tone to it that makes it a great song, regardless of if it was on the soundtrack or not. The song has a grunge tone to it that reminds me of the leaves beginning to change color and the ground being wet with dew.

6. “Still” by Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s singer songwriter sound makes “Still” a perfect song to listen to in a coffee shop while it’s raining outside. His voice is the central focus of the song, and it isn’t washed out by any of the instrumentals. The last chorus builds up so well, and it gives the song such a rich sound.

Listening closely to a lot of these songs, they are pretty sad, but the melodic tone of them is perfect for the fall season. Adding these songs to your playlist can ensure the sad girl autumn of your dreams.

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