Karol G Stuns Houston On Mañana Será Bonito Tour

Written by on September 4, 2023

On Tuesday, August 29th, the lights went down in the NRG Stadium and thousands of fans roared in excitement for mega-star Karol G, a Colombian reggaeton and Latin trap artist, rocking her iconic pink-hair, white furry boots, and a nude body suit covered in sparkles. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, an animated short using the same cartoon characters found on the cover of her fourth studio album “Mañana Será Bonito,” played for a nearly sold-out crowd. The short was about a mermaid named Carolina (Karol’s real name) who lost her spark and suffered from a frozen heart; she was about to begin a journey to rediscover her most bichota self.

From giant mermaids to dance breaks to costume changes, Karol put on one of her best shows yet. Playing fan favorites such as “Gucci Los Panos“, “200 Copas” and “Mi Ex Tenía Razón“, a tribute to Selena. Fans showed their love for the super star with hand written signs across the venue, some of which Karol took the time to read out loud during the show. One sign had the singer laughing with joy, saying “I don’t speak Spanish but te amo con todo mi corazón” – I love you with all my heart.

Karol G had a multitude of supporting performers on stage, include more than a dozen dancers and an all-woman band. The way the singer moved had the audience mesmerized by her powerful stage presence and sensual dance moves. Dancers performed with so much vigor and enthusiasm, it was incredible to see so many people moving flawlessly as one. During the show, the singer also had props including a giant shark, LED imagery and even rode out atop a giant cloud with a piano player on the side after a costume change into a shimmery gold gown.

Fans were awestruck by the lights, the music and the romance in the air as the singer belted out “Ocean” atop her cloud set piece, inspiring a marriage proposal in the crowd. Karol G has always vocalized her passion for female empowerment so it was no surprise when she made sure to highlight each and everyone of her performers, giving solos to all of the musicians and dancers, including Irany Divad Martínez, a Mexican rising star who has joined Karol G on her tour.

Karol closed the show with “Provenza,” the singer’s biggest solo hit, swapping the original for the Tiësto remix as multicolored confetti showered over the crowd and the night came to end. As the crowd will surely say, in reference to her album, Mañana Será Bonito, “hoy estuvo bonito” (today was beautiful) and tomorrow will be too. Check out merch and dates for the rest of the tour here!

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