UH Alumnus Pursues His Musical Passion After 30 Years

Written by on September 7, 2023

From IT Professional to Musician! Ronzel “Ron” Washington enjoys his retirement from his recent career as an Information Technology Executive for Houston. He worked for the Houston Police Department as an executive for the last ten years of his career, from 2012 to 2022. He strives for his best life while enjoying his other passions: music composition, recording, engineering, and production.

Ron’s Upbringing

As a child, Ron studied piano in his household, which was filled with inspiration from Billy Holiday, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, The Mills Brothers, and more. He studied as a teenager at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, which introduced him to the analog synthesizer.

Courtesy of Ronzel Washington

Although the D.C. native decided to attend the University of Houston in 1978 to pursue communications and graduated in 1982, Ron pursued a career in Information Technology. On his off days from being an executive, he would perform at his local Church for thirty-three years.

New Single, “Kruzin’ With Karla”

The former Coog of the Class of 1982 has been able to pursue music full-time since releasing his new single debut, “Kruzin’ with Karla” ft. Christina Williams Woodard.

Courtesy of Youtube: Kruzin’ With Karla ft. Christina Williams Woodard

He solely produced the song in his home studio. In an interview I did with Ron, he explained his heavy work, “I programmed or performed all of the instrumentation (except the saxophone), recording, mixing, engineering, and mastering in my home studio.” He states on his YouTube channel that he is coming off a 30-year hiatus and is ready to show the world his true passions!

I really enjoyed the song because you can feel every instrument and synth running through your veins. You can feel the quality and authenticity of the music. The lyricless song is the perfect coffee shop and study single to listen to. I have also found this to be a great song to relieve stress. Ron has truly inspired many out there to continuously pursue their dreams. It is never too late, and you can have more than one dream!

More Music?

The former Cougar is currently working on his EP project, “Amalgamation.” I cannot wait for more of his music to be shared with us! The date is yet to be determined, but make sure to check out updates on his website: http://RonzMuzik.com.

Courtesy of DistroKid

Keep up the work, Ron; your talent is recognized, and we support you through the journey you choose to embark on! Once a Coog, Always a Coog!

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