GAYLE Takes Over Warehouse Live

Written by on October 26, 2023

On Thursday October 19, 2023, GAYLE played an intimate show at Warehouse Live for her scared but trying tour, in which various passionate fans crowded the stage in anticipation of her and her opener Dylan.

GAYLE, or Taylor Gayle Rutherford, is best known for her song “abcdefu” which went viral on TikTok for its catchy beat and silly lyrics. Because of that song, GAYLE’s fame has skyrocketed, giving her a coveted spot as an opener for the iconic Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour. Her song “butterflies,” which she also played at Warehouse Live, was featured on the legendary, Barbie movie soundtrack. Coog Radio writer, Jamie Thornton, ranked her favorite songs from that soundtrack in this article. It is clear through Rutherford’s massive success that she has earned her spot as an upcoming musician.

GAYLE entered the stage dressed like a rockstar wearing a sweater vest, and leather pants. Her guitar was outfitted with a checkered strap. Rutherford began her set with amazing energy as she immediately began with her song “indieedgycool.” As she ended her song, the crowd cheered with excitement seeing her perform. She then transitioned into the song “sleeping with my friends,” in which fans excitedly jumped and sang along, bringing energy into the crowd. Before she began her next song “kiddie pool,” Rutherford said to the crowd “I love it when people make fun of our generation,” when talking about how Gen-Z is often scolded for being too childish, and their use of social media, which the song “kiddie pool” focuses on.

She followed this song with an amazing cover of Fergie’sLondon Bridge.” Next she introduced her song “i don’t sleep as good as i used to” by saying “this song is about fucking around,” before immediately jumping into the song.

Afterwards, she addressed the crowd saying “hey Houston, it is so exciting to be here” which the crowd responded with loud cheers. While singing a cover of “I Love Rock N’ Roll” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Rutherford lifted her guitar beside her head, facing it into the mic, as she sung the lyrics and played the song beautifully.

Many times throughout her set, the performer jammed along with one of her fans who screamed and danced to every single song. GAYLE ended her set with the song “abcdefu,” inciting cheers among the crowd. Make sure to check out GAYLE on her scared but trying tour.

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