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Written by on October 3, 2023

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, the famous k-pop girl-group LOONA made a stop in Houston at the Smart Financial Center as their new unit “LOONA Assemble” in their debut ceremony. Recently, the girl group re-debuted with the members HyunJin, YeoJin, ViVi, Go Won, and HyeJu under the name “Loossemble.” This ceremony served as a reintroduction to the members. In the 2 hours LOONA spent with their Houston audience, they created a deeply intimate relationship with their fans by sharing personal stories and pictures.

Courtesy of Smart Financial Center

Although this is not my first experience with the k-pop industry, it was my first time attending an event with LOONA. I am a casual fan of theirs, but I never really tried to deeply connect with their fandom or their group, however, they put on an amazing show which lead me to definitely becoming a stan of their group. 

The show consisted of them blending in musical interludes, music videos, live performances, and personal interviews. They also had a photo-op in which the audience could take photos of their personal bias. Overall, it felt like LOONA had put in the effort to reignite their audience and bring out passion from those in the crowd.

Although the Smart Financial Center is a relatively small venue compared to stadiums and arenas, with a capacity of 6,400 people, it was one of the loudest audiences I was a part of. The audience screamed in excitement before LOONA did an audience viewing of their newest song “Sensitive,” which they followed with a live performance of the audience.

Courtesy of NME

They performed three of their songs “Newtopia,” “Sensitive” and “Strawberry soda,” which were all extremely high energy, and a true display of the group’s talents. In each song, regardless of whether or not they were dancing, they put in their all. The choreography for the song “Sensitive” was beautifully performed, with each girl perfectly matching the beat and energy of the song. For the song, “Newtopia,” the members were able to get the crowd involved in the performance of the song by creating a crowd wave and sing-a-long portion.

If the sheer energy of the crowd wasn’t enough of an indicator of the love of LOONA’s fanbase, the reactions of the crowd at the end of the show was. Many screamed, “I love you” to the girl-group as they exited the stage, and as I left I saw fans crying out of awe of their idols. Overall, LOONA put on an amazing show. Check out their newest album Loosemble.

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