Beach Fossils: The Bunny Tour in Houston

Written by , on November 2, 2023

Last week, Beach fossils visited Houston on their Bunny tour. Their newest album released in June has received appreciation from long time and newer fans too. This time around, Beach fossils gave another exceptional performance at Warehouse Live

From their first studio self-titled album in 2010 to the recent release of Bunny, many Beach Fossils fans have been keeping up with the dream-pop, self-produced group for years. The band has come to Houston many times, each performance and show gets bigger and better. With openers, Being Dead and Turnover, the show was set on the perfect track. 

Being Dead, an Austin based band, began to play their surf rock, soft modern psychedelic inspired discography. Abrupt melody changes and blended harmonies with the occasional guitar or drum solo kept some heads bobbing in the audience. Being Dead gave a quirky but relaxed performance.

Being Dead taken by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio

The projected graphic layout on stage and synchronized lights joining the mellow energy displayed by Turnover was entrancing. They are a band heavily influenced by genres ranging from pop punk, dream pop and jazz. The energy Turnover provided created a flawless transition to the last act. 

New York native band Beach Fossils entered the stage, and the full excitement began. Starting off with “Don’t fade away,” the immediate feel of nostalgic and reminiscent aura filled the room. Lead singer, Dustin Payseaur’s vocals emitted a comforting but spirited tone. Throughout their years of performing across the country, Beach Fossils still comes to every show prepared to submerge their fans in the music. 

Drummer, Anton Hochheim took the lead in “Shallow.” During the impactful drums, guitarist, Tommy Davidson went full throttle and the crowd jumped. In “Sleep Apnea,” the bass seeped in, and an impressive rendition was given. Bassist, Jack Doyle helped carry “Tough Love,” and in “Numb,” the guitar skill of Payseaur was shown.  

Camera apps opened on most phones to record the band as “Down the line” started. Filled with resonating lyrics and an upbeat rhythm, it was in this moment the crowd was reminded why Beach Fossils is special to them. The group of four recognized the love Houston had for them and gave it back tenfold.

Ending the show with “Daydream,” from their 2010 self-titled album, the band proved they will always have a timeless sound. After all the lights went down and the band waved goodbye, there was a handful of smiles as the fans left the venue. 

Beach Fossils encapsulates the youthful experience those with troubled minds or wary hearts go through. In obscure lyrism and immaculate production, the band continues to master their craft in lending a helping hand to fans. Through each release, they consistently send a simple uplifting reminder that life is a linear experience. Beach Fossils is a favorite band of mine, their genuine connection with their listeners is eternally impressive. 

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