Kevin Gates’ First Time Performing at 713 Music Hall

Written by on November 9, 2023

On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Kevin Gates, along with special guests BigXThaPlug, Kayla G and DJ Chose, brought the Only the Generals tour to 713 Music Hall.

DJ Chose

Hosted by Houston’s very own DJ Chose, the show was filled with exciting new artists and lots of fan interactions. Norman Payne, a.k.a DJ Chose, grew up in a small town outside of Houston called Brookshire, TX. He started his production career working Brook Gang, producing singles like “Pick It Up,” “Re Up” and, most notably, “Pop That.” Lately, the artist has worked on more work on his own, including “Thick,” featuring Megan The Stallion and “Trying,” featuring Kevin Gates.

Chose kept the night lively and exciting. During his set, Chose brought out several new artists, including Kayla G, and also he played a game he calls “Karaoke with Kevin.” Chose then told the audience to scan a QR code projected on the stage screen where fans could sign up to perform one of Kevin Gates’ song on stage! Fans across the venue immediately pulled out their phones as quickly as they could and waited in anticipation as Chose randomly picked an audience member. The producer then brought fans on the stage one at a time and handed them the mic, living out their rock star dreams.


Next up was another Texas artist, BigXThaPlug, an American rapper from Dallas. BigX is a rising star in the music scene, and has captured the hearts of listeners with his captivating songs, including notable hits like “Texas,” “Safehouse” and “Mr. Trouble.” BigX is praised for his connection with his fans on instagram, where he shares snippets of his personal journey alongside captivating clips of his music and electrifying performances.

The rapper came out strong and the audience roared with excitement. When the hype man yelled “Do your dance BigX!” he wiggled delightfully as the audience moved along with him. The energy in the venue got even more hype everytime the rapper’s DJ yelled “3-2-1,” which happened at least twice per song. The hype was so high, it became too much for the rapper, causing him to take off his shirt, showcasing the 2-1-4 area code on his belly.

Kevin Gates

Soon after BigX left the stage, the audience began chanting “Kevin, Kevin, Kevin,” in anticipation for the man everyone was waiting for, Kevin Gates. Repping Baton Rouge Louisiana, Kevin Gates has lots of titles; from an American rapper, singer, songwriter and even entrepreneur, but tonight was all about his music. After a short video montage of his life played on the screen, Gates stepped out of a small little shack and the crowd went crazy.

Accompanied by a keyboardist and guitarist as well as two dancers, Gates played some of his most popular hits across all three of his albums including, “Scars,” “Arm & Hammer,” “Facts” and “Bad For Me.” Before each song, the artist shared a little story about each one of them, giving the audience context of his lyrics and a little peek into his personal life.

This is a safe place. In order for me to reach the highest level of vibration, I have to operate out of love. So with that being said I love everyone in here and I would never judge you for how you choose to live your lifestyle. I love you… It’s okay for people to see you make mistakes but you never let a motherf**ker see you quit.

Kevin Gates

About halfway through the set, Kevin brought an audience member on stage, serenading her and giving her a bouquet of flowers. The rapper truly made each and every person in the venue feel connected and loved. As Kevin closed the night with “I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT),” confetti rained down on the fans and Kevin took a selfie with the audience. Check out the rest of the cross-country tour here!

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