Laufey Brings Dreamy Vocals To White Oak Music Hall

Written by , on November 16, 2023

On a rainy Thursday, November 9, Laufey and opener Adam Melchor astound Downstairs at White Oak Music Hall with their dreamy vocals and bright demeanor.

Laufey fans lined up outside despite the harsh weather, anticipating the performance. With Men I Trust performing on the Lawn, fans listened to their set while waiting in their raincoats and umbrellas.

The doors opened at 8pm, letting the mostly soaked fans inside. The venue filled with an extensive audience as fast as it fell from the sky. Although the crowd smooshed together tightly, my friends and I were able to gain a good view.

It was 9 o’clock on the dot when Adam Melchor entered the stage. In his jade green button-down, he sang a cover of the infamous song “Over the Rainbow.” He gave a folk redefinition of the classical song, making for a memorable opening.

He introduced himself by explaining his gratitude for the tour. He then displays his beautiful voice in his track, “Moon in the Morning.” He hits a long high note in an array of red and pink lights, bringing a cheer among the crowd. As the crowd settles, he transitions into the tracks “BUZZER BEATER” and “itjustmyheart.”

A notable element of his performance was the backstories of his songs. When he explained the backstory of “itjustmyheart,” he states,

I got dumped on a Thursday. The following Monday, a tree fell on the person who dumped me.

He then sings the line,

When the tree fell on your car and made your windshield fall apart.

itjustmyheart by Adam Melchor

This line adds both a humorous and personal element to the performance. It allows the audience to feel more intimate and cohesive instead of a one-sided perspective on the music.

After the track, he explains his New Jersey roots and his new EP, FRUITLAND. He shares about his parent’s divorce and how the song “Real Estate” correlates to that experience. He shares personal stories about the lyrics behind each song. With hits such as “PEACH” and “SEROTONIN,” Melchor brought an intense down-to-earth energy to his music. Overall, he was an incredible opening act, and his music is worth checking out.

A little after 10 o’clock, Laufey enters the stage in a lush red blouse and cargo pants. Her elegance radiates off the stage as she opens with songs such as “Fragile” and “Valentine.” There was a blue fog that aided her lovely vocals. The band consists of talented instrumentalists, such as a double bass, keys, guitar and bass, and even a person on a shaker, each with their solos.

She explains how her music aids those with her broken heart. With songs about unrequited love such as “Second Best,” “Dreamer” and “Falling Behind.” Laufey is the voice of Generation Z and their journey with love. She even states that the song “Falling Behind” stems from

A summer of love for everyone but me.

Laufey 2023

Her vulnerability, along with her soft vocals, brings a sense of intimacy to the crowd. The set design, of stars glowing in the background brought more beauty to the setlist. With songs such as “I Wish You Love,” “Promise,” and a cello solo in “Beautiful Stranger,” her talent remained extraordinary.

Further demonstrating her musical talent in an interlude piano solo, titled “Nocturne,” from her hit album Bewitched. She plays the keys for two minutes straight as a spotlight solo shines on her. The crowd silently stands as she plays such a beautiful piano piece. It was a nice transition to heartfelt songs such as “Let Me Break Your Heart Again,” “Bewitched,” and “California and Me.”

The admiration from her fans remained unmatched as fans gave her stuffed bunnies and personalized ones. The conclusion of the set brought songs such as “Haunted,” “Love Sick,” and her number-one hit “From the Start.” Yet what stood out was the song “Letters to my Thirteen-Year-Old Self,” where Laufey reminds the crowd that their limitations may be their strength, a beautiful message to their fans.

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