Megan Moroney: The Lucky Tour comes to Houston

Written by on November 10, 2023

Megan Moroney released her debut album Lucky earlier this year. With her platinum selling song “Tennessee Orange,” she has gained a loyal fanbase and popularity among the country world. Moroney has sold out many shows in her first headlining tour, one of which was the Houston show.  Last week Moroney gave a glitter filled yet heartfelt performance at Warehouse Live

Photo by David McClister

On brand for the Lone Star State, a line full of boots, cowboy hats and hair ribbons lined up outside of Warehouse Live. As the venue opened, hundreds of devoted fans poured into the ballroom. Lines began at the merch table and handmade poster signs were spotted around the room. The buzz of the crowd grew and so did the anticipation. 

Her opener and longtime friend, Mackenzie Carpenter, took the stage and the anticipation turned into satisfaction. With Carpenter’s long blonde hair akin to Moroney and a bold, but friendly attitude, she sang from the heart. Her brother played guitar by her side and the Texas crowd moved along to “Don’t mess with Exes.”

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes

She struck emotional chords when a slowed down version of “Jesus, I’m Jealous,” began. The set ended with her high energy song, “Country girls just wanna have fun.” As she gave her goodbyes and thank yous it was clear, the country girls in the crowd were having fun. 

The backdrop LED lights turned on. They shone pink and blue, and in the middle, a four-leaf clover figure gave a green hue. The overjoyed audience began their yells and chants. On cue, the white boot, gold glitter dress wearing star walked on stage. In unison the audience began to yell the lyrics to “Another on the way.” The fast-paced guitar and drum heavy song met the enthusiasm of the crowd perfectly. 

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes

Carrying on, Moroney sang “Sleep on my side,” and smiles were plastered almost every face. With animated expressions and sassy grins, the singer walked between the left and right sides of the stage to show her love to every part of the room. “Traitor Joe,” a song with a Taylor Swift feel and cheeky lyrics to match played. The band left and Moroney took some time to be alone with her guitar on stage. 

Tears filled the eyes of many as she sang “Why Johnny,” a song about the toxic side of country star Johnny Cash and June Carter’s love story. The singer’s raspy voice seeped into the hearts of her star struck audience. The three-song acoustic set finished out and the band rejoined to finish the show.

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes

Moroney’s love for her fans was translated beautifully among each song. Ending the show with “Lucky,” the energy didn’t subside until she walked off stage. She had performed every song off her new album leaving no room for disappointment. 

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes

Women in country music are known to write about their cheating boyfriends and heartbroken seasons. Moroney does this too, but with a different approach. In songs like “Girl in the mirror,” or “God plays a Gibson,” she reaches deeper and pulls the reality of the heartache and healing process to surface. 

Megan Moroney brings a hopeful side of heartbreak to her listeners.

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