SXSW Music Festival 2024: Highlights of Festival Showcasing Artists and Key Note Speakers.

Written by on January 15, 2024

The 2024 South by Southwest Music Festival occurs in Austin, Texas, from Monday, March 11, to Saturday, March 16, 2024. Throughout these five days, multiple showcasing artists from around the world will amaze attendees with outstanding performances. Artists spanning from Venezuela’s alt-rock group Rawayana to UK-based punk group Dry Cleaning and Spain’s indie group Hinds provide a diverse pallet of performances for audiences to enjoy. Here, I will highlight some outstanding performers to watch, along with a description of keynote speakers. 



Rawayana Courtesy of

The Venezuelan group has established a name for itself, with over 2 million Spotify monthly listeners and being one of first group featured in the list of showcasing artist. After a US tour, the Latino group will rock the SX Stage with a mixture of Caribbean, pop, and indie rock sounds. Worth a stop as they provide a nice upbeat feeling in the majority of their songs, such as “Binikini,” “Hora Loca” and “High.”

Dry Cleaning 

Dry Cleaning Courtesy of NPR

The post-punk band from the United Kingdom, Dry Cleaning, produces a fresh take on the modern punk scene. The four-member group specializes in gritty guitar and indie lyrics with notable songs such as “Don’t Press Me,” “Scratchcard Landyard” and “Strong Feelings.” Sponsored by their record label 4AD, the group is a must-watch for those who love the indie punk scene. 


Hinds Courtesy of Rolling Stone

The indie garage band from Spain, Hinds, produces an excellent, refreshing sound with their upbeat instrumentals and mixture of Spanish and English lyrics. As they anticipate the release of the fourth album, the group will perform their hearts out with songs such as “Riding Solo,” “Y Como,” and “Good and Bad Times.”


Sinkane Courtesy of IMDb

The Sudanese-American musician, Sinkane, performs in various genres, including funk, rock, free jazz, and electronica. Taking into account Sudanese pop influences, he brings a fresh take on slow-rhythmic pop music with hits such as “Moonstruck,” “How We Be,” and “Jeeper Creeper.” A must-watch for those who are a fan of electronica and pop. 

Sofia Kourtesis 

Sofia Kourtesis Courtesy of DJ Mag

The Peruvian DJ, Sofia Kourtesis, provides a rhythmic sound with her electronic pop music. As she mixes Spanish lyrics and rhythms with impressive DJ skills, she is a must-watch for those who want to dance to indie house music. Some of her most well-known songs include “By Your Side,” “Madres” and “Si Te Portas Bonito.” 

Gavin James 

Gavin James Courtesy of Getty Images

The Irish singer, Gavin James, presents a soft acoustic guitar instrumental with a soothing voice. As his lyrics display vulnerability, fans admire his artistry, with over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Along with the release of his EP white noise, James will amaze audiences with hit songs such as “Always,” “Tired,” and “City of Stars.” 

Key Note Speakers

While artists hit the stage, Key Note speakers will honor music history in their profound speeches. Two notable speakers include Rock and Roll Hall of Famers John Oates and Chuck D, as each will discuss their individual experiences with the music industry. During their conferences, Chuck D will focus on the history of hip-hop, while John Oates will highlight his take on selling records in a competitive music enterprise. 

Def Jam Renewed: The Hip Hop Legend’s Next 40 Years:

Chuck D Courtesy of Variety

This session will honor the 40th anniversary of Def Jam Recordings. It will focus on the iconic hip-hop label’s cultural relevance, creativity, and drive to power diverse hip-hop voices. Notable speakers will include the CEO of Def Jam, Tunji Balogun, General Manager of Bandcamp Bryan Biniak, rapper Lady London, social activists, rappers, digital music pioneers, and Hall of Famer Chuck D. 

John Oates Talk Fame, Fortune, and Managing A Hit Music Career

John Oates Courtesy of Getty Images

In this session, John Oates discusses his experiences with the music industry as being one of the best-selling American acts. With over 50 years of musical experience, Oates will stand alongside the music finance firm Sound Royalties Alex Heiche, CEO, to discuss sustaining a successful music business. The duo Hall & Oates have top hits such as “Maneater,” “Out of Touch” and “She’s Gone,” allowing for a successful career filled with top 40 hits and Oates’s innovative insight into the music industry. 

Overall, the Austin Music Festival SXSW allows festivals to attend a diverse taste of different artists and live performances. With five days of multiple events and musical genres, there will be something for everybody to enjoy. Along with Notable speakers with experience in the music industry, the festival will be unforgettable and stop for those passionate about insights on the music industry.

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