Great Space is My Library, Satellites are The Songs

Written by on February 8, 2024

Last year, there was a period in time when all my favorite songs were titled “Satellite.” Finding this coincidence amusing, I have chosen to rank them to determine my favorite one.

Satellite – Harry Styles

I am not the biggest Harry Styles fan. The most I’ll listen to is his self-titled album every once in a while. It wasn’t until I heard “Satellite” that I finally listened to Harry’s House. Initially, I was drawn to Styles’ delivery during the chorus. You can hear him pleading for his interest to give him a chance. However, I was sold with the introduction of the driven guitars. I remember getting overwhelmed with emotions when I first heard it. This track set the bar high.

Satellite – Spoon

The band Spoon has always been one of my recommendations. I didn’t give them a chance until Lucifer On the Sofa was released in 2022. Boy, was I missing something. I am a sucker for a good power ballad, and “Satellite” delivers. Britt Daniel’s, the lead singer’s, voice hits so hard you’d think he was singing to you. This song also reminds me of “The Working Hour” by Tears for Fears, my favorite pop duo, so it has an advantage.

Satellite – Two Door Cinema Club

I always encourage everyone to listen to other Two Door Cinema Club songs besides the one from Tourist History. “Satellite” is one of them. Compared to the previous entries, this is a dance-pop track. To determine if I am listening to a great pop song, I ask myself, “Will it sound good slowed and stripped back?” “Satellite” checks both of those boxes. It’s a fun commentary on the hypocrisy of modern-day people-preachers that I enjoy listening to.

Satellite – Will Paquin

This next song is the only entry not to personify satellites. It is about wishing for more in life, but it never comes true because you’re talking to a satellite. I found the production on this track very interesting. Will Paquin is a skilled guitarist, and he highlights this with the arrangement of the instrumental. The beginning is guitar and bass, with a percussion buildup in the background. Next, it drops back to just guitar and bass, then introduces electronic drums for the hook. The song doesn’t offer much, but it is still a nice moment.

Satellites – The Palms

This final entry is about wanting to watch the world from afar rather than being a part of it. The lyrics are melancholic compared to the others, although it makes the piece more relatable. The Palms are always great at capturing how it feels to live in the moment, even when that means accepting the good with the bad. Overall, this is a chill, laid-back tune.

I enjoyed dissecting all these songs. Rarely do I find time to understand my musical tastes. However, it is time for a final rank. I think I’ll have to go…“Satellite”, “Satellite”, “Satellite”, “Satellites”, and “Satellite”. Thanks for reading.

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