Mipso’s Harmonious Performance at White Oak Music Hall

Written by on February 16, 2024

Mipso stopped by White Oak Music Hall on February 9th for their Book of Fools tour. Many awaited in anticipation for the performances to come.

First to take the stage was Tony Kamel, opening with his cover of the iconic bluegrass song “Raleigh & Spencer.” Kamel is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Austin, TX, best recognized as the frontman and guitarist of the renowned bluegrass quartet Wood & Wire. In his performance, he demonstrates soothing vocals, skilled guitar and banjo playing, and captivating songwriting, showcasing his versatility as a solo performer. His acoustic way of playing gives the audience a more intimate experience as he weaves personal stories and engages with the crowd.

Standout songs from his performance are “The Surfer” and “Amen,” which displayed an enthralling and passionate response from the audience. Near the end of Kamel’s performance, he asked the crowd if anyone had come to see him due to seeing him on TikTok. While not many said they did, he explained that a recent TikTok of his had gone viral. Many online had requested he release the song he had performed during the video clip, which he now has released on streaming platforms called “Santa Monica.” Kamel ended his performance with a new unreleased song, leaving the stage with an ovation.

Mipso soon took the stage, beginning their performance with “Radio Hell” and their eye-catching charisma and musicality. The American folk band, formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, consists of prominent members Jacob Sharp, Joseph Terrell, Wood Robinson, Libby Rodenbough, and touring member Yan Westerlund. Their music consists of a captivating blend of traditional bluegrass and modern indie folk influences, distinguishing them and adding innovation to their music. 

Their rich harmonies and heartfelt songwriting can be felt throughout their performance, profoundly engaging the audience in this delightful musical journey. It was a remarkable sight when the band gathered to sing together and play instrumentals behind one microphone. As the tour name indicates, Mipso played songs from their newest album release, Book of Fools. Still, they also included songs from their previous albums, Mipso, Edges Run, Coming Down the Mountain, Dark Holler Pop and Old Time Reverie. This provided an excellent focus on their newest work and a taste of their previous and well-loved albums.

Joining them for some songs on the banjo was Kamel, who was a nice touch to their performance. The band welcomed him on stage, said they had known him for a long time, and were glad to have him perform with them. Standout songs of the night are “People Change,” “Louise” and “Carolina Rolling By.” Their main performance ended with “Servant to It” and saying their final goodbyes. After this, the venue filled with audience members cheering and asking for them to come back on stage. Soon enough, they returned to perform their encore song “Carolina Rolling Back.” With that, Mipso received a much-deserved acclamation from everyone.

What a truly remarkable night of music! Be sure to check out these fantastic artists who have such a way of relaying stories and emotions through their music. If you want the latest coverage, check out our live coverage page!

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