RodeoHouston Gives Jelly Roll His Largest Crowd Ever

Written by on March 8, 2024

On March 6th at the NRG stadium, Jelly Roll, an American country singer and songwriter from Tennessee, performed his biggest show in his music career. Filled with beautiful medleys, a phenomenal fiddler and a surprise guest, this was a memorable show not just for the audience, but for Jelly Roll himself.

Although Jelly Roll has been in the music industry for some time now, he only recently reached country music in 2022 after releasing “Need a Favor” which scored the artist three country music awards. Jelly Roll has had quite the musical journey, starting his career with hip-hop mixtapes he sold out of his car, collaborating with other artists such as Lil Wyte and Craig Morgan before transitioning to country music.

As of right this second, on March 6th of 2024 at Houston rodeo at NRG stadium, this is the officially the biggest show of my entire life!

Jelly Roll

The artist opened with a series of covers including, “If you’re Gonna Play in Texas,” “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” and a truly incredible hip-hop medley of “Boys-N-The-Hood / Ruff Ryder’s Anthem / Lose Yourself / Ms. Jackson / Just a Friend.” Pausing to take in the moment as tears welled up in his eyes, Jelly Roll repeatedly gave the audience his appreciation, showing he was just as grateful to be performing as the audience was to be watching. As the only guest of the night stepped on stage, the surprised audience went wild as they gave a huge welcome back to Cody Johnson, a previous RodeoHouston performer. Johnson and Jelly Roll performed their recent collaboration, “Whiskey Bent.”

I had the opportunity recently… to address our United States Congress about the fentanyl crisis in America and I stood there as a proud American and a concerned citizen. I want you to know, that if. I had the change to do it again, I would march back up that hill and I would tell him it is time for a change. Right now, is the time for the change.

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll has been an advocate mental health and has been open about his political opinions for quite some time now. The artist recently testified before Congress in support of anti-fentanyl legislation. During his performance of “Smoking Section,” the singer once again called for a change to help those who are suffering from addiction, asking the audience to make some noise if they think we should legalize weed.

I don’t think y’all actually understand how much y’all changed my life, my wife’s life, my daughter’s life, my son’s life. I broke generational curses because of y’all. About a month ago, I was in Los Angeles California, and I was at… the Grammy’s and I said I am supposed to be here tonight because I realized I was there to represent the broken… the underdogs… the ones that came from the bottom… true blue collared, god-fearing hard working Americans who have been through a lot of rough sh*t and came through it and figured it out and got better.

Jelly Roll

After giving a heartfelt speech, Jelly Roll closed the night with “Save Me” and the audience sang out every word, seemingly letting go of some worries and hardships. Catch the rest of Coog Radio’s coverage of this RodeoHouston season.

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