SXSW Day Five: A Day of Indie and the Blues.

Written by , on March 16, 2024

On March 15, 2024, SXSW presented a variety of showcases highlighting Indie bands. With artists from around the world, festival attendees were able to enjoy a new wave of Indie music. Coog Radio covered a mixture of showcases at the Radio Day Stage, the British Music Embassy, the International Stage, and Rolling Stone’s Future of Music.

Radio Day Stage

The Radio Day Stage at SXSW is a constant favorite because of the amazing performances every year. The 2024 music festival was no different. On day five, we saw two acts that have been highly anticipated, and most definitely did not disappoint.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is an indie-rock band all the way from England. They are best known for their calm, collected vocals on top of intricate and fast-paced guitar riffs. The balance between the two is something seemingly unlikely, but Dry Cleaning knows how to work it. From favorites such as “Magic of Meghan” and “Scratchcard Lanyard,” the band put on a great set that left the crowd amazed.

Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis was on shortly after Dry Cleaning to keep the high energy going. With strong instrumentals and even stronger vocals, Brittany Davis and their band gave an overall breathtaking performance. “Sepricon” was a definite standout. Just as they ended their performance, the crowd made sure to show their appreciation for Davis’ music by giving loud cheers and a standing ovation. It was truly one of the highlights of the Radio Day Stage throughout the entire festival.

British Music Embassy

The British Music Embassy presented a variety of bands from the UK and Northern Ireland. With a focus on indie or acoustic sets, the showcase had two outdoor stages, along with tents selling merch and drinks. People of all ages were welcome to enjoy some indie music made by British native.

James Smith 

Although I was 10 minutes late to his set, I got to enjoy James Smith’s beautiful vocals at around 3 pm. Despite the cloudy sky and wind chill, the English singer from London lifted the crowd with his soulful vocals and acoustic guitar. He performed songs such as “Crescent Moon,” a tribute to the man on the DreamWorks Logo. Along with hits such as “Common People,” along with cover songs such as “Blackbird” and “Let’s Stay Together.” A must-watch for fans of acoustic soul music. 

Photo By Sorraya Gonzales.

Eleni Drake 

Eleni Drake performed a small set on the alt stage. With her soft and airy vocals, along with calm electric guitar and bass, she brought a calm vibe to the audience. The band from London, England, presented songs about how one’s early 20s bring various challenges in relationships and careers. With hits such as “Harsh,” “Peaches,” and “King Street,” she is a must-watch for fans of soft indie.  

Photo by Sorraya Gonzales.


The band from Melbourne, Australia, brings a mixture of electric pop and lo-fi indie to the British Music Embassy Stage. With two guitarists, bass, and one girl on keys, the music brings a nice upbeat feeling to the cloudy days. The mixture of electronic keys, raspy vocals, and settled strings provides a sound of nostalgia toward one teenage years, hence the name High School. With hits such as their new single “Doesn’t Matter,” “August 19,” and “New York, Paris and London,” a must-watch for fans of electronic indie. 

Photo by Sorraya Gonzales.

International Stage

Boy With Apple 

The Swedish band graced the international stage with a bright demeanor. The music consisted of dream pop and indie, symbolizing Gen Z’s influence on the music industry. With the announcement of their new album Attachment, they encouraged fans to buy it on Bandcamp and anticipate physical copies of the record. They played hits such as “Strawberry Boy,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and “Good For You.” With their calm energy and soft instrumentals, they are a must-watch for fans of Boy Genius and Dream Pop. 

Photo by Sorraya Gonzales.

Rolling Stone’s – Future of Music Showcase

On the final day of the “Future of Music” showcase, Rolling Stone paid tribute to the mixture of indie, blues, and country. The lineup included two Texan natives, a Spanish rock group, a blues country band, and indie music sweetheart. With performances from Jackie Venson, Dylan Gossett, Hinds, Red Clay Strays, and headliner Faye Webster, the showcase gave Austin a taste of the indie blues, representing Austin’s pride.

Jackie Venson 

Jackie Venson, the Austin Native, brought a unique blend of blues and soul to the Moody Center Stage at Austin City Limits Live. Her terrific blues vocals and rhythmic electric guitar rocked the stage, accompanied beautifully by the keys and the drums. Her upbeat energy and flawless execution of hits such as “Rollin On,” “Always Free,” and “Love Transcends” make her a must-watch for fans of rock and roll blues. 

Photo by Sorraya Gonzales.

Dylan Gossett

Dylan Gossett, another Texas Native, brought a soothing, calm energy with his acoustic guitar and soft vocals. His songs about romance, such as “Beneath Oak Trees,” and songs about Texas, such as “Coal” and “Bitter Winds,” reflect his deep connection to The state. As a former worker from F1, he proudly illustrates his Texas roots through his music, making him a must-watch for country music. 


The band from Madrid, Spain, had a busy week at SXSW, performing 12 shows. The moody stage was their biggest venue and final, so the band gave it their all that night. The indie rock girl group performed its hits such as “Coffee,” “Good and Bad Times,” and “Y Como” as they jumped around the stage full of energy. At the end of their show, they performed a cover of “Spanish Bombs” by the Clash, spreading the message of love instead of war; overall, the group is a must-watch for Spanish rock and indie pop fans, especially with an upcoming release of a new album. 

The Red Clay Strays 

The Mobile, Alabama group conveyed a wonderful mixture of blues, country, and rock that felt like being teleported to the 1950s South. With amazing country vocals, guitar, keys, bass, and drums, their songs about heartbreak and romance were electrifying. They performed hits such as “Wondering Why,” “Good Godly Women,” and “Moment of Truth,” a must-watch for fans of classic country blues. 

Photo by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio.

Faye Webster

After a night filled with anticipating fans, Faye Webster graced the stage a little after 10:55 pm. Before starting her set, she addressed how she almost canceled her performance due to SXSW’s controversial sponsors. Regardless, she continued the performance by stating she did not support SXSW’s political views. Once she finished her message, she began her set with “But Not Kiss” and continued with hits such as “I Know I’m Funny Haha,” “Right Side of My Neck,” and “Johnny.” Hearing Webster’s soft vocals made the audience quiet in awe of her voice and the company instrumentals of a saxophone, drum, key, and strings; the performance made indie fans proud.

Overall, it was a great day for indie and alternative acts everywhere. We had so much fun seeing all these acts and can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow. Stay tuned for the last day!

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