SXSW Music Festival Day One: Music and Discovery

Written by , on March 12, 2024

On Monday, March 11th, 2024, the SXSW Music Festival began in full swing, spanning a week full of music and discovery. We saw various talents from around the world and learned more about the film and music industry. So, let us dive right in!

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Live Podcast Episode of Visitations with Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah

This fantastic live session is the first episode of “Visitations,” the second season starts with featuring Jane Schoenbrun, a non-binary and queer filmmaker at A24, and getting to deep dive into the inspirations that have made them into who they are as a filmmaker today. Many things were discussed, such as horror movies, film school, childhood traumas and nostalgia, and internet culture, as these topics helped inspire Schoenburn in his most recent film “I Saw The TV Glow.” It was a truly insightful session and provided a better understanding that any form of media can build and inspire the creative and inventive process.

Backstage with Austin City Limits (ACL): Five Decades of Music

This session was hosted by Sara Robertson, Chief Content Officer of Austin PBS, with a panel of Austin City Limits, including Terry Lickona, Jeff Peterson, and Emily Bolf. With each question asked to understand the behind-the-scenes of the iconic PBS series, it became apparent why it is celebrating its milestone 50th Anniversary this year. ACL is a creative collaboration in which an artist can perform how they would like, such as remixing their sound or setting up their setlist. What started as a focus on the local music scene in Austin has expanded to seeing artists of many different genres and ethnicities.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio.

This is a Film About The Black Keys.

This film chronicles The Black Keys’ journey, from a spontaneous jam session in an Akron, Ohio basement to their rise to rock ‘n’ roll stardom. Despite starting with little familiarity, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney quickly bonded over their shared musical passion and ambition. The in-depth and found-footage style of the film helped enhance the band’s journey and portray their humanity, struggles, achievements, and humor. As music is a way of storytelling, it is truly remarkable to see the band’s career in such a well-done visual manner.

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater


After over two decades, Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala come back with their revered Dub and Electronica ensemble, DE FACTO. Their performance was mesmerizing, with intricate rhythms, heavy basslines, and psychedelic effects creating an immersive experience. They blended elements of dub, reggae, punk, and electronic seamlessly, resulting in a unique atmosphere.

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Mogwai is a Scottish ensemble that blends rock and electronic elements in its music. Their performance created a sonic journey for the audience as they delivered delicate melodies and explosive crescendos. They transported listeners through a ray of emotions, from introspective moments to powerful catharsis.


Winona Fighter 

The Nashville-based punk band delivered a stellar performance, with their impressive stage presence dominating the crowd. Lead singer Coco’s powerful and emotionally raw vocals blended in with the rest of the band, who provided backing vocals and intricate instrumentals that enthralled the ear. Their songs perfectly balanced the punk sound with their unique style, making it easier for any music lover to listen to.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio.


The indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, showcased their spectacular musical talent. Their vocal harmonies and catchy melodies heightened their performance, and their unique sound grabbed the attention of many in the crowd. Their musical style and introspective lyrics make them appeal to many.

Overall, it was a day filled with music and film, and it will continue with more anticipated sessions and showcases to come! For the latest live coverage, be sure to check out our live coverage page!

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