Tumi Meets SXSW: Unofficial SXSW Coverage

Written by on March 18, 2024

Despite the lack of an official pass, SXSW has a lot to offer an average festival goer. As the bustling streets of Austin, Texas, once again play host to the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, there’s electrifying energy that permeates the air, drawing in crowds of creatives, tech enthusiasts, and music lovers from all corners of the globe. I took on SXSW for the first time as a general admission attendee, creating my own musical itinerary.



Up first was FLOODfest at Mohawk. J-NOA was one of the more memorable artists who performed at the venue that day. 19 years old and from the Dominican Republic, this Afro-Latina rapper was a fireball of talent. Having her music in Spanish with no preference to speak in English. Her set immediately started off live, upbeat, and making a statement. Her rap & grunge influence can be seen clearly in her discography. She was just absolutely astounding.

ROLLING STONE: Future of Music

Located at the Austin City Limits Theater, over three days, Rolling Stone set to feature multiple up-and-coming artists. Each day has a genre theme. The venue was perfect for the artists of its magnitude. Open and spacious pit, while having three levels of seats looking down at the stage. Day 2 , the showcase I was able to attend, showcased a unique line up of African & African-American artists.


Preacher, stunning the crowd with his rendition of Hallejuijah, grabbed the crowd’s attention with ease. With not much to find online, this up-and-coming musician mixes the gospel sounds into rock and roll. With a hint of blues influences. As his Instagram bio states: “PREACHER’s music, echoing Rumi, weaves divine with earthly love. Each song, a dialogue between souls and the divine, invites deep reflection.” His music, being a catalyst for affirmations & motivation, was uplifting in so many ways. It makes you feel like you’re in a black church on a Sunday morning.


With his viral hit, “Finesse”, Pheelz was everything you want and more in an Afrobeat artist. From Lagos, Nigeria Pheelz was captivating, entertaining, and wowed the crowd in more ways than one. Working with big-time musicians such as Burna Boy, Davido, Usher, and many others.

As a Nigerian musician, he showed how Nigerians get down. Bringing out a Yoruba Talking Drum for one of his songs on his set. Performing one of his well-known original songs, “Go Low”. And debuting an unreleased song that had a slower melody. Showing the crowd Pheelz’s multi-talented platform.


Known for their viral Tik Tok hit, “You Wish”, Flyana Boss brought the energy with their set. Genuinely the most hype set (besides Flo Milli of course) with the crowd interaction through the roof. Performing songs such as, “B*tch Imma Star”, “Big One” and “Mango Bananas”. What you see on their TikTok is what you get in person. And that made for one entertaining set from them.


Ghanian musician, Black Sheriff, brought his homeland to Austin with just his voice. If anyone has heard his music, you”d imeediaelty recognize him by his unique, raspy voice. With songs that have trended on Tik Tok, such as “Kwaku The Traveller” and “Oil In My Head”. With a mix of Ghanian influence as well as rock/emo influence , Black Sheriff creates a unique sound that is unfamiliar to the Afrobeat genre.


All the way from South Africa, Uncle Waffles, took the stage by storm with her DJ set. Being as this was y first introduction to her, I was taken a back by the talent this young woman has. With heavy Ampiano influence, she showed off her mixing skills with her own originals songs and some from bigger musicians in the Afrobeat scene. Most DJs, stay behind their turntable and don’t have much crowd interaction. But Uncle Waffles sets herself apart by dancing out in the open for the crowd to get hype off of. Performing some of her more well known songs, “Yahyuppiyah” and “Tanzania”.


The one and only Flo Milli came to serve as the headliner for the day’s showcase. Bringing energy and her usual Flo Milli sassiness to the stage. Performing many of her hits whether it was for the viral listeners or her OG fans that have been with her since her early days. “Concieted,” “We Not Humping,” her feature on “Bundles 2” and many more. She even debuted the “Never Lose Me (Remix)” which is featured on her new album Fine Ho, Stay.

URBAN OUTFITTERS: Space 24 Twenty Showcase

Located next to the Urban Outfitters at the Space 24 Twenty venue. Urban Outfitters put on their own small showcase. Sponsored by Reebok, InstaMax, and Levi’s. With the line up, Chioke, N3WYRKLA and Tierra Whack. From the line up, Urban wasn’t looking for one particular theme. They were sure to have an array of different genres, performing styles, and aesthetics. Being true to the UO branding that comes with the showcase. Unfortunately, I was unable to cover Tierra’s set in this showcase.



Listen to all the artists Coog Radio covered during SXSW below!

As we wrap up our informal peek into SXSW, it’s time to reflect on the whirlwind of experiences we’ve shared. From chance encounters to impromptu performances, we’ve discovered that the heart of SXSW isn’t just in the official events but in the spontaneous moments that happen off the beaten path. Until next time, let’s carry the spirit of SXSW with us – staying open to new adventures, embracing the unexpected and cherishing the memories we’ve made. Here’s to the unofficial side of SXSW and the magic it brings to our lives. See you next year!

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