PinkPantheress Sells Out White Oak Music Hall on the Capable of Love Tour

Written by on April 30, 2024

PinkPantheress is the hyper-pop queen of TikTok. With hits such as “Boy’s a Liar” and “Pain,” the singer has been able to accumulate over sixteen million monthly listeners on Spotify in under three years. On April 24th, 2024, the singer performed in front of a sold out show at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas. The show was accompanied by Kanii.

Kicking off the night right was Kanii, a singer/ rapper from Washington D.C.. He also rose to fame using TikTok as a main platform, having his hit “I Know” go absolutely viral across the world. His set was super energetic, properly getting the crowd warmed up and ready for the main act.

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio.

Up next was Victoria Walker, better known as PinkPantheress. From the moment she stepped on stage, with her iconic purse on the shoulder, the audience went crazy. As she started off with “Break it Off” and “I Must Apologize,” it took no time to get the venue bouncing as they moved with the singer.

Each song had accompanying pulsating lights to match the beat, allowing the show to double as a concert and a dance party. In between songs, the artist took the time to thank the Houston crowd and interact with her fans. Many had signs and gifts for PinkPantheress, one even threw a purse on the stage for her. The loving interactions between the performer and the crowd added a heartfelt aspect to the night, adding to the experience even more.

The show continued with songs such as “Another Life” and “Reason,” and bigger hits such as “Attracted to You,” “Boys a Liar Pt. 2” and “True Romance.” It was an overall great performance and a show that was definitely not to miss. If you ever get the chance to see PinkPantheress live, I definitely recommend it!

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