Benson Boone Gives Stunning Performance at the House of Blues Houston

Written by on May 2, 2024

Photos by Ambria Siska

Benson Boone got his start from TikTok where he first started sharing his music, and that has led up to his debut album and his first world tour with shows in North America, Europe, and Australia, and New Zealand. His sold-out show in Houston happened April 22, 2024, at the House of Blues, where he won the crowd over not only with his incredible vocal range, but also with the stories from his childhood that inspired a lot of his songs.

The night started with a young artist named Mimi Webb, who quickly won over the crowd with her upbeat songs and bubbly personality. Born and raised in the UK, Webb first became widely known after one of her songs went viral on TikTok in 2020.

Webb opened the show with her song “Freezing” and immediately had everyone in the audience bobbing their heads to the beat. She jumped straight into her song “Ghost of You” Her energy was contagious as she was bouncing all over the stage, before sliding seamlessly into “Remind You.” She introduced herself to the audience after “Both of Us” and asked if she could play a new song that hasn’t even been teased on social media yet, but it was a real crowd-pleaser, nonetheless.

She continued her set at a pretty fast pace moving through songs from her album Amelia (her real name by the way), and her debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak as she gave us an insight into her life and the stories behind her songs. By the time her 40-minute set had ended the crowd was all warmed up and ready to sing their heart out with Benson Boone as he took the stage.

Photos by Ambria Siska

Benson Boone first took the stage under almost total darkness, sneaking over to his piano to begin serenading the crowd with the first verse to his song “Be Someone” before jumping up to strut around the stage as the beat picked up pace.

Boone then launched into “That Someone is Me” and “Coffee Cake” with vocals that wowed the crowd and showed off an impressive vocal range. As he stopped to talked to the crowd for a few minutes he revealed that Houston was his first ever show in Texas. He slowed it down for his song “Drunk in My Mind” before continuing the set list.

As the set continued, the began to play the song “Cry” which in the recording starts off slow before he stops everyone and says to pick up the pace. In the live version, he had everything cut out and leave behind an electric hum, having everyone it was convinced there were technical difficulties before jumping into the rest of the song.

Photo by Ambria Siska

Boone eventually stopped to tell us the story of how he met his childhood friend and how friends are the most important thing in someone’s life and dedicated his song “Friend” to his friends and to anyone that has a friend. Before the next song “Forever and A Day”, he had the audience participate in a call and response situation, stating that he would need their help later in the song. What happened next was nothing short of magical. As the song came to the bridge, he instructed everyone to sing the same set of notes over and over, transforming his fans into his backup vocals while he finished the song.

Boone’s last song of the night was the song that jumpstarted his climb to worldwide fame – the viral “Beautiful Things” which he thanked the crowd for loving and reminded them that without them none of this would be possible. He began playing, and the crowd began singing along loud enough to be heard throughout the downtown streets of Houston creating the perfect end to a night that cannot be forgotten.

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