Gunna Shakes Up 713 Music Hall

Written by , on May 31, 2024

On Saturday, May 25th, Houston rap fans lined up around the block in anticipation for Gunna to take the stage. With opener Flo Milli, Gunna’s sold-out concert was one for the books.

At 8:25 pm, Flo Milli graces the stage in a gorgeous red outfit. With the recent release of her album Fine Ho, Stay, her setlist struck new and old tracks. She was a fantastic opener as her flow maintained perfect speed, and the background dancers hit every beat.

The iconic track “Bedtime” had people on their toes. Other tracks, such as “Roaring 20’s” and “We Not Humping,” allowed Flo Milli to enter the crowd. Even hits such as “Never Lose Me,” “Rodeo” and “Conceited,” drew in people who heard her verses go viral on TikTok. A highlight of the set was the songs “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party,” when Milli performed despite a wardrobe malfunction. Overall, the set had beat-stopping tracks for fans and new listeners of Flo Milli.

Around 9 pm, fans watched as fake snow fell from the ceiling. The center stage showed a snow monster crawling ominously on stage. Then Gunna’s vocals radiated from the venue’s second floor as he rapped “Back at It.” The whole audience shifted their heads to the second section, watching the rapper walk through the aisle of the people in the nosebleeds. The entrance was unreal and unconventional.

Once he returned to center stage, Gunna rapped other hits, such as “ca$h $hit” and “Idk nomore.” Then, in dramatic fashion, a backdrop unveiled a massive statue of Gunna’s head on center stage. Gunna, who performs on top of the head throughout the set, maintains his dominant personality.

The back screen had visuals of a snowstorm, keeping with the theme of being in an ice age. As Gunna performed hits such as “Poochie Gown” and “south to west,” Gunna’s stage presence remained unmatched. In a sea of purple and blue lights, the show’s aura radiated with hits such as “Drip or Drown” and “pushin P.”

Overall, with his new album, One of Wun, Gunna’s performance maintains a beautiful aesthetic and a powerful stage presence. As his performance for the Bittersweet tour remains unforgettable, he is one of the modern rappers worth seeing live.

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