RAYE Stuns Once More With New Single,”Genesis.”

Written by on June 26, 2024

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It has been a few months since it was first teased, but “Genesis.” is finally here. The single was released in tandem with an EP titled Genesis. that features the song’s different sections each as their own track. The single’s release was accompanied by a gorgeous, cinematic music video rich with choreography, symbolism and stunning visuals. Both the song and music video are a total of seven minutes, but you will find each second is greatly worth your time.

The snippet was first originally teased during RAYE’s stunning performance at the 2024 BRIT Awards held on March 2nd, 2024. It wasn’t until May 17th, 2024, when the snippet’s release date was officially announced. During her performance’s medley, the snippet was so distinct from the previous songs—“Ice Cream Man” and “Prada”—that it caught your attention immediately. It became clear this was an unreleased song with a much more brooding melody. RAYE’s performance also turned many heads due to its climatic ending where RAYE showed off her vocal prowess during a rendition of her hit song “Escapism (feat. 070 Shake).”

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Not only did RAYE steal the show with her performance, but the artist also won six awards that night. She makes history as one of the first artists to win six awards in one night after being nominated in seven different categories. One of these awards happens to be Album of the Year for her debut album My 21st Century Blues as an independent artist. The other awards she won included Best R&B Act, Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year.

“Genesis.” is best described as a story told in three parts, something that the EP allows listeners to experience fully since each section was also released as a separate song. They are also titled as such: “Genesis, pt. i,” “Genesis, pt. ii,” and “Genesis, pt. iii.” This was a brilliant move and aptly fitting for the song’s themes. It gave fans an opportunity to listen to their favorite section while also displaying the range of each one.

It is an emotional hero’s journey, depicting the dark night of the soul as one searches for the light of morning. It discusses the growing pains of being a twenty-something and the increasing apathy and existentialism of our modern and technological society.

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“Genesis, pt. i”

Part I can be described as twilight, when the sun is setting and the sky turns to darker hues. As it gets dark outside, so do the emotions and thoughts that begin to crawl out the woodwork. The spoken lyrics are droning as they seem to intrude and impose themselves on the listener. They become increasingly deprecating and incessant as it sets the stage for the following parts and the oncoming night.

The lack of any instrumental with only backing vocals echoing RAYE makes the seeming quiet and lyrics so opposing. It places the focus on these words only with nothing else being able to drown them out. Yet the gentle nudge of a synth bass followed by the orchestral arrangements create a building momentum of the desperation and sadness of the lyrics.

It isn’t until towards the end of Part I that there is an admittance of a need for light. This admittance is supported by the backing vocals, but followed up by questions. It’s like she cannot fully accept the fact she needs it, highlighting part of what makes it so hard to get help when struggling. Yet these doubts are shooed away with an affirmation of, “Let there be light.”

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“Genesis, pt. ii”

Part II is the launch straight into the night and all its darkness. This is where the song’s religious imagery becomes even more apparent, with references to the exact Bible verse when light is created during the Christian creation story.

The song takes a much more intense and moodier tone in comparison to the subtlety of “Genesis, pt. i” as the most striking part of its instrumental is its jolting percussion. You are met with the bass and drums from the very first second, and when a portion of the chorus is used for the intro, brass instruments along with a choir add to this intensity. It is also notable to mention that the chorus is what was teased during RAYE’s BRIT Awards performance.

The lyrics of Part II are much more brazen and honest with its discussion of mental health and the struggles of addiction. There are so many standout moments just from this section alone, from its stunning production to its ingenuity at changing tone and feeling within a moments’ notice. Each asset of the instrumental is perfectly necessary, and whatever is added or ceases does so to create a barreling narrative that carries itself forward effortlessly.

Like the night, “Genesis, pt. ii” creates a sense of being forlorn and confused while wandering in the dark. The lyrical content and word play are what really make Part II as its descriptions are so vivid and pinpoint specific feelings and circumstances so perfectly. The song ends on a more relaxed and bright note as it sets up the transition into Part III.

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“Genesis, pt. iii”

Completely unlike any previous part, “Genesis, pt. iii” is loud, vibrant and full of life. It is the morning, the light at the end of the tunnel after the darkness. What makes it so different is that while Part I and II experiment with R&B and hip hop, Part III is a beautiful, jazz and gospel delight. Here is where RAYE also gets to shine the spotlight on her background as a jazz singer and show off her expertise.

Part III still asks for there to be light like in the previous two parts, but there is one thing that makes it different. Parts I and II were full of introspection on one’s personal battles, with Part II expanding on societal problems that worsen quality of life for people and the suffering of others. This shift in Part II seems to have carried over into Part III because the lyrics are now asking for there to be light for other people, too.

Instead of focusing solely on one’s own battles, the song offers best wishes for everyone dealing with their own problems, asking to give them light as well. This is something that can be found reflected on RAYE’s website as a description for the vinyl version of the EP.

“It is a prayer and a plea and a cry for help and I really hope this song will be able to bring some hope, the way music does for me, to those who need it most.”


RAYE has certainly succeeded at this as “Genesis.” is so raw and open, providing an insight to the darkest corners of the soul that many struggle to speak about. It shines a light on these wounds and heals them through the catharsis of this reflection and openness. By the end of the Genesis. EP, you not only know how to ask for light, but have been doing so throughout your listen.

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