Brytan Quartemont

Brytan is the current Programming Director at Coog Radio. He is in charge of scheduling radio shows, managing live reads, as well as keeping track of show hosts and DJs.

Hometown: College Station, TX

Favorite Artist(s): Tyler, the Creator. Mac Miller. Frank Ocean.

A Song I’d Never Skip: Palace/Curse by The Internet

Guilty Pleasure Song: Kingston by Faye Webster

Dream Concert: I’d love to see Frank Ocean live in concert.

Hobbies: My favorite sports to play are Disc Golf and Tennis. I also love to workout and hang out with friends.

Secret Talent: I can juggle

Why Coog Radio: I chose Coog Radio because I love the space and freedom that Coog Radio has when it comes to radio shows. I also enjoy the variety of music that we’re able to play.

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