Tumi Adeyoju

Tumi is the current Music Director at Coog Radio. She is in charge of overseeing and adding to the music that is played on-air in between shows. She also listens to and considers all music submitted to the station.

Hometown: Michigan & Nigeria

Favorite Artist(s): Burna Boy, YUNGBLUD , SZA

A Song I’d Never Skip:Replay by Tems

Guilty Pleasure Song:You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Dream Concert: I would love to see YUNGBLUD live. He has such a dope energy when you see videos of his live performances. And as an Emo kid who never left the phase, he is top tier in my book. I just love the messages he sends out through his music. As well as the positivity he spreads and using his platform to bring more exposure to pressing societal /systemic issues happening in the world.

Hobbies: Cooking, Painting, Playing Sims 4, writing poems and stories, creating lifestyle , fashion, & wellness content on my socials

Fun Fact: I’ve been featured in the New York Times

Why Coog Radio: I chose CoogRadio because I saw an opportunity to create something unique for the UH community. I’ve always loved music and always loved how music can speak a thousand words in just simple melody. Being able to convey that through Coog Radio is something that just spoke to me. I’ve never been apart of something this before ,so I was all for it when the opportunity was brought to me to be the music director.

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