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Freddie Gibbs has not had a cakewalk of a career by any means. After being dropped from Interscope in 2006, he joined Young Jeezy’s CTE World, only to leave in 2013 to form his own label. In 2016, his career came to a halt when he was held in Austria on sexual assault charges of […]

Vince Staples‘ openers were earnest and full of ambition, while the latter half of the concert felt weary from the headliner—a surprising turn of events considering he’s only seven shows deep. This wasn’t my first time crossing paths with the Long Beach native. I nearly had a conversation with Vince a few years ago after […]

Bassist Chris Devine of “The Side Eyes”   The accessibility of recorded music has made it difficult for many to find incentive to go to live shows. Audiophiles could and most definitely would provide lengthy arguments if I was to challenge the significance of recorded music. I would say to that yes, I agree there lies […]

Growing up, we’re often asked the question: who do you want to be when you grow up? For most, the answer to this question changes with age yet some individuals never lose their affinity for their childhood dream careers. Danny Brown is one of them. From the moment he started talking, he spoke in rhymes […]

The Palm on 6th st. was a full house and for good reason.  Not only was the headliner for the evening Too $hort, but names like King Chip, Freddie Gibbs, Slim Thug and Trae the Truth were on the bill as well. The Saturday night evening was put on by Empire Distribution and they really […]

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