PinkPantheress is the UK-based music phenomenon, with a prominent (but mysterious) online presence and an iron grip on the indie electronic scene. If you haven’t heard of PinkPantheress yet, chances are you’re not hugely involved with social media. Her music has heavily saturated the TikTok-Instagram-Twitter digital sphere, and her fan base has been growing exponentially […]

This year’s most psychedelic music festival in Texas will feature the Flaming Lips, 13th Floor Elevators (for a reunion performance!), and over 30 additional artists. Located on rustic Carson Creek Ranch, Austin Psych Fest was established in 2008 and has hosted superior, popular artists on the music scene in years prior. Examples include the Black […]

The Black Lips, a punk garage rock band formed in Georgia and going strong since 1999, will be performing in Austin Texas at FFFF. The Black Lips think of themselves as entertainers more than musicians. Cole Alexander, singer and guitarist for the Black Lips, will gladly get a crowd dirty for shock value. In the […]

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