When you go to an organic show, you will know. The sounds that emanate from the speakers are unlike many sounds that artists can create on stage. They’re pure and soft and create a feeling that I watched change people in their facial expressions, their stance, their attitude. Bonobo and Jeremy Sole put on that […]

http://gty.im/658099380 The melancholic folk indie super-group, Whitney, made up of former members of both the Smith Westerns and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, graced Houston with a spectacularly intimate show for the small crowd that gathered to see them at the Bronze Peacock, Saturday night. Opening for the increasingly popular headliners were the Austin, Texas band, Duncan […]

Patternist, a one man band composed of Gabe Mouer, has been bringing new sounds to the indie electropop scene since 2014. Mouer was originally part of a band who had the opportunity to tour quite a bit in the beginning when he decided to take a break from music to finish college.

I arrive at House of Blues on a rather tumultuous Sunday night as a stream of Astros fans make their way to where I presume the stadium to be. I admire the sharp contrast between these calm citizens in their bright orange and H-town shirts and my skater burnout attire.

Houston native rapper and producer Travi$ Scott held the homecoming performance of his Rodeo Tour at House of Blues on Monday night, alongside rapper Young Thug. According to an Instagram post from early Monday afternoon, Scott wanted this night to be the most legendary city on the tour; we showed him exactly that.

“From the beginning we’ve always been trying to write pop music.” -Corin Roddick The Canadian electric duo composing of Corin Roddick and Megan James, otherwise known by their band name “Purity Ring,” finally released their new album to the United States this past Tuesday. Their last album from 2010, Fineshrine, received lots of praise for its […]

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