Are you struggling to get in the spirit of spooky season? Perhaps your Halloween playlist is in need of titillating tunes to invoke the witch inside you.

Houston’s very own B L A C K I E will be making an appearance at Day for Night 2017. Michael LaCour’s noise, hip-hop, industrial, hardcore punk project is an explosion of chaos and experimentation that not only shatters boundaries but rips up and eats it. LaCour is a veteran of the Houston scene as he’s been […]

Last Friday, at White Oak Music Hall, I had the opportunity to see Death Grips and Ministry perform. Prior to the show I had never really listened to Ministry. The few songs I heard had the same industrial/EBM feel that Death Grips is known for in their production. I assumed that there would be some […]

Richard David James, better known as Aphex Twin, sometimes stylized as AFX is a electronic musician and composer that is known for his riveting and “idiosyncratic” work in electronic music such as acid techno and IDM. These accomplishments alone have garnered James with high critical praise, and made him a legend in the genre, James was […]

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