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It has been 10 years since 2013, and many impactful albums are turning 10 years old. I was 10 years old in 2013 and a lot of these albums impacted my childhood and taste in music. The early 2010s were the moment for pop, EDM, and hip-hop. Many artists had their big break in 2013. […]

Crossover tracks with pop and Latin artists started long before Justin Bieber did it, but mainstream America did not know how powerful collaborations could be until “Despacito” took over, not only the nation, but the world. The snowball actually began 19 years ago when the Latin Grammys debuted, creating a prestigious award show dedicated to […]

Katy Perry definitely went all out for the Superbowl half time show this year! Her performance had a little bit of everything, including a mechanical lion, dancing sharks, and four different outfit changes in just twelve and a half minutes! Katy Perry knows how to make an entrance! She came to her stage standing on […]

As 2014 comes to a close, everyone is releasing their end- of- the – year lists for songs, albums, and everything in between. Why should we be any different? The Coog Radio Blog Team has come together to bring your our Top 20 Songs of 2014. The songs are listed in no particular order. Each […]

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