For fans of: CHVRCHES, flor, ODESZA, BROODS Lights’ highly-anticipated 5th album released on Apr. 1. Releasing the bold “Prodigal Daughter” as PEP’s first single, the singer claims her spot back as electropop’s hottest. 1. “Beside Myself” The album first starts with a light (ha!) and airy tune, differing from most of the album. According to […]

When you go to an organic show, you will know. The sounds that emanate from the speakers are unlike many sounds that artists can create on stage. They’re pure and soft and create a feeling that I watched change people in their facial expressions, their stance, their attitude. Bonobo and Jeremy Sole put on that […]

  Time seems to be a resource musicians are short of, when on the road, but Canadian electropop singer Lights is able to fit everything in her day. Through traveling, warming up, setting up, performing, and, of course, being a mother, Lights sets aside 6:30 P.M. on February 18, to have her publicist call me and conduct a […]

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