Lil Yatchy

Lil Yachty is back but in a different format. The return of Lil Boat after two years comes in the form of a new genre-bending album, Let’s Start Here. If you aren’t already familiar with the positive Atlanta flair that Lil Yachty brings, this album will offer insight as an adaptation to his previous self and […]

A southern rapper named Kyle brought pure happiness and comfort to his show in Houston with his friends Tobi Lou and Marc E. Bassy. An artist that is as pure and honest as they come, Kyle moved the crowd in such a genuine way, you could tell that people felt comfortable as they danced in […]

Earlier this year, I sat down with the wordsmith from the Southwest side of Houston, Wes Blanco. Towards the end of the interview I asked Wes what he had planned for us in 2016. With a sly smile he shrugged off the question, imploring myself and the whole city to sit back and watch Blanco’s […]

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