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Banish your cases of the Mondays with Coog Radio contributors’ favorite new releases from Friday, Nov. 16th. With artists such as Anderson .Paak, Soundgarden, and Leikeli47, this playlist is the perfect remedy and motivation for a new week. The title of this sensational playlist is inspired by “YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL!” Stemming from a subreddit complaining about parking […]

With my favorite girl group of all time reuniting, Janet Jackson announcing new music and a new tour, to the Main Event Tour with my favorite boy band The New Kids On Block as well as TLC and Nelly … my life has been going through a nostalgia attack, and quite honestly, I’m not sure […]

If you want a “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun” type of song that reminds you of the Spice Girls, Little Mix’s new single “Black Magic” is that song! It will take you from 2015 to the 1990s pretty quickly. If the Bratz dolls and Sabrina The Teenage Witch came together to make an almost […]

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