Recently, when I open my phone to stream music I find myself shying away from newer albums and singles. Why? Right now, popular media – and popular culture – is taking a look back and getting nostalgic. The Barbie movie takes us to the days when we played with dolls. The Jonas Brothers, Big Time […]

I discuss and analyze: -scooby dooby doo! Animated movie -Pixar’s new film “Souls” -New Sonic the hedgehog 2nd trailer -Hazbin hotel animation and the trend of independent creators financing their own project

This weekend offers new releases that focus on an adaptation of a psychological thriller novel and a period drama on slavery. But which releases are worth spending your money on?

2015 is already halfway over, believe it or not, and this year I’ve already seen a whole host of movies, both blockbuster and independent. Every Monday I review a film I’ve seen on my show Cinema Forte, and this is my list of the top 5 movies to check out this year if you haven’t […]

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