Tame Impala

Lonerism, Tame Impala’s second album, turned 10 years old on Oct. 5. Kevin Parker, the Australian musician behind the project, creates music that can be described as psychedelic trip-pop, electric or alternative. The album is filled with synthesizers and ambient music, which leaves listeners in a positive mood as the music is used to enhance […]

After a two-year hiatus from music events and parties in a city where jazz was invented and Mardi Gras takes precedence over daily responsibilities, the city of New Orleans seemed to finally be able to breathe again. The spark of life returned to the French Quarter this spring when our creole neighbors fostered a festival […]

One of the festival’s most diverse crowds was packed in front of the Honda Stage as the Australian psychedelic sensation, Tame Impala, blew the minds of hard rockers and pop fans alike. With an expansive setlist that kicked off with the upbeat Currents hit “Let It Happen,” the Kevin Parker-led pop-rockers utilized an other-worldly lighting […]

Ladies and gentlemen, Tame Impala is finally making their triumphant return to Houston after a seven year absence. Kevin Parker and the band are known for their colorful and vibrant performances. This is definitely a show you don’t want to miss, as these chances come rare nowadays. If you’re not familiar with who Tame Impala […]

Banish your case of the Mondays with Coog Radio contributors’ favorite new releases from Friday, April 12th. With artists like BTS, Anderson.Paak and Noname, this playlist is the perfect remedy and motivation for a new week. The title of this sensational playlist is inspired by “YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL!” Stemming from a subreddit complaining about parking on Cougar Football Thursdays, […]

Banish your case of the Mondays with Coog Radio contributors’ favorite new releases from Friday, March 22nd. With some fun new music and artists like Motley Crue, Tame Impala, and Martha, this playlist is the perfect remedy and motivation for a new week. The title of this sensational playlist is inspired by “YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL!” Stemming from a subreddit complaining […]

Columbian-American artist Kali Uchis finally released her debut full length album Isolation earlier this month after various features and collaborations with artists such as Tyler the Creator, Bootsy Collins and Vince Staples. The album is much longer than her debut EP Por Vida, featuring six more songs than Por Vida for a total of 15, each […]

The annual Grammy Awards Nominees were announced today, with Kendrick Lamar leading all artists with 11 nominations including the coveted “Album of the Year” award which also includes The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, the Alabama Shakes, and Chris Stapleton.

If you’ve seen Tame Impala’s past music videos for “Cause I’m A Man” and “Let It Happen,” off his most recent album, Currents, you know how bizarrely out of this world the visuals are and how it goes oh so perfectly together with the tracks.

Levitation Festival, also known as Austin Psych Fest, started Friday at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas. Day one of the festival included performances from Tame Impala, DIIV, Spiritualized, Lightning Bolt, Metz, among many others. Here is a chronological recap of what I experienced today!

Do you want to listen to a band who has a really awesome psychedelic rock sound and the lead singer’s voice is scarily similar to John Lennon’s? If so, Tame Impala is the band for you! I first heard about them from Tyler, the Creator’s song “Bimmer” so out of curiosity I gave them a […]

  Earlier this year we reported on the minute teaser video for “Lonerism.” Since then, Kevin Parker and his band of aussie-psych brothers have kept busy, working the new material on the summer festival circuit, producing the new Melody’s Echo Chamber album, and releasing a analog-synthesized kaleidoscope of a music video for “Elephant.” This has […]

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