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Back from a 2-year hiatus, the always black and white band came like a thief in the night, stealing our hearts once again with this out of nowhere 5-track EP. 7.4/10 The NBHD released their first EP, I’m Sorry in 2012, introducing the world to “Sweater Weather”. No one knew who they were except that they […]

The Neighbourhood made their return to Houston this past Wednesday night to the Revention Music Center with the Nu Waves tour in support of their album Wiped Out! With them they brought Texas native Kevin Abstract and Amir Obe and made for an interestingly entertaining night to remember.

On December 2, 2012, Jesse Rutherford and Zach Abels mindlessly played around on a guitar and created a song that would be known as “Sweater Weather.” The following year, The Neighbourhood released a black and white music video for the song, following up with their debut album I Love You, driving their fans crazy and taking […]

You have probably heard the song “Sweater Weather” playing on the radio, right? You are also probably familiar with their logo consisting of a black-and-white house flipped upside-down. Well, put those two together and you have American rock band, The Neighbourhood which formed in August 2011. The band is composed of vocalist Jesse Rutherford, guitarists Jeremy […]

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