wes blanco

Earlier this year, I sat down with the wordsmith from the Southwest side of Houston, Wes Blanco. Towards the end of the interview I asked Wes what he had planned for us in 2016. With a sly smile he shrugged off the question, imploring myself and the whole city to sit back and watch Blanco’s […]

You may remember earlier this month when I wrote a profile on a local up and coming hip-hop artist, Wes Blanco. Well shortly after that spotlight was published, I was asked if I would like the opportunity to interview the talented wordsmith. I jumped at the opportunity and found myself at the Lil Uzi and […]

Southwest Houston’s own Wes Blanco is one of the most talented voices coming out of Houston’s convoluted hip-hop community, what makes him shine is the fact he doesn’t fit in any template that his hometown has set for him, he’s not a Paul Wall or a Scarface or a Riff Raff (just trying to cover […]

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